Does anyone summon for troops outside of Ninja Tower anymore?

Because there’s only a 10% chance that you’ll get the troop you need.

In the grand scheme of things, you’re much more likely to get it through summons than through HA9.

Depend on patience and the needs… so for 1,2,3 year playing without mana troop (assuming only depend on ETT), that are hard to achive, specially for playstyle that need 2x, 3x, 4x or 5x copy of mana troop on same colors.
HA9 is the solutions, so while waiting and hoarding ETT, retraining HA9 is another good mana troop resource.

But in reality, that’s a pretty good quote, it’s even higher because you can’t get the troop back you put in so there are only 9 different troops and the chance for you getting your troop is around 11,11%.

I would say we can assume that only f2p, c2p or p2p who seldom summon troops will use this building for that purpose, people who regularly do 10x summons in the troop portal will get a full set of troops probably before they reach hero academy.

So just some math to compare it:

Say we run HA9 for half a year that’s 24 transformations
1-(0.8888^24) = 94%
So after half a year you have a pretty good chance getting what you want.

I’m able to collect between 30-40 coins for each Ninja tower, so in total maybe 100 free pulls in a half year.
1-(0.99^100) = 63%
For 95% chance like half a year HA9 you need around 300 pulls. Everybody should know how long he needs to do 300 pulls in the troop portal.

I mean around 60% isn’t completely bad, but it’s also not near the same like HA. So if you really want a special troop, I would always use HA9 to get it.


I thought you don’t get your same color troop back? Not just the same troop, i.e. you put in a blue mana troop, you have a chance of anything BUT blue mana or crit. Meaning you really have a 12.5% chance.
But I haven’t used it, and now I have no reason to since I have all the mana and crit troops I need.

I myself haven’t used it, but I know some from my alliance who were hunting manatroops and I’m pretty sure they also got the same color back.

But I will ask them for clarification.

Whaaat? Never heard about this. I though it could not output what we input only.
And I only use about 8x retraining…

1 2020-11-29 Crit Nature Crit Dark -
2 2020-12-06 Crit Nature Crit Holy -
3 2020-12-13 Crit Nature Mana Dark +
4 2020-12-20 Crit Fire Crit Nature -
5 2020-12-27 Crit Nature Crit Ice -
6 2021-01-03 Crit Ice Mana Holy +
7 2021-01-10 Crit Ice Crit Red -
8 2021-01-17 Crit Ice ? Forget…

So my 7x retraining, all results was different color as well… but this is small sample though.

It’s funny, I thought I saw it mentioned somewhere that it trains to other colored troops. But maybe I misunderstood the wording. Not sure where I saw that though.

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Defense is the key to a strong team i summons all the time

Even though i have a ninja troop in each color, I store up all of my troop tokens I acquire and use them in during the ninja event due to the higher chance of getting a 4* troop.

I have all of the troops I need, so they all just become feeders, but because of the higher chance of getting 4*s, I still only use them during the ninja event.


In a way I was lucky during those pulls
But I didn’t get what I was looking for

I do but before the ninja tower appears I save troop tokens for a few weeks I have a color Def ninjas now

I never summon troops at ninja tower, because I am only interested in mana troops and feeders. I have at least 3 mana troops and a crit troop in every color. If I would pull a ninja troop I would not be able to feed it away but have no use for it. For me it is better to pull a 3* feeder. My goal is to bring one troop to lv17 and one to level11 in every color, having reached 16 in three colors, 15 respective 12 in the others. Second troop around level three. So its a long way to go…

This is the most irrational but self knowing posts I’ve seen

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Related to this, how many ninja troops are considered optimal? I’m thinking I’ll probably only use one of each color, as mana troops are usually more useful. After I achieve that, maybe there’s no point in saving for Ninja Tower… or maybe save for some future unknown troop?

I just use them for collection, I prefer Mana Troop on most occasion and Critical Troop for damage absorber or creator of bulky minions.

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No there’s 0 rational reason since NT is always same or better odds whether you’re looking for a specific troop or just feeders. I


I have one of each color ninja so I don’t have a reason to hold my tokens. I use them as I get them as long as I still need summons for POV

The odds of 4* troop is higher during NT. 4* troop give higher exp for raising troop.

NT will appear inside PoV anyway.


See my post above 20 chars

I still hoard ETT and pull only on Ninja Tower event.
I only have 2x red Ninja.
But even if already full Ninja set, I still wait Ninja Tower.

Already mentioned by @yelnats_24 .
Outside NT:
IMAGE 2021-07-07 21:57:37
Ninja Tower:

So outside NT Rare is 90% and in NT Rare is 85%.
Better 4* feeder then 3* feeder.


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