Does anyone schedule these things to happen all at once? / Too many activities/ Overlapping Rare Quests, Atlantis Rises, Alliance War, Class Trials, Raid Tournaments, etc MASTER

Nah, you just had a laser focus for what needed to be done @TGW.

Having an Easter feast sounds great! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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It was! (and there are plenty of leftovers)

I used to get mad at myself when I missed a quest or something in the game. Until one day it dawned on me… I’ve been playing this game for years, and I am always waiting for something. Progress in the game is so slow anyway, am I really going to notice the difference if it takes me 7 months to get XYZ as opposed to 6 months? LOL probably not.

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Springvale is 30 days long lots of time to finish, always do rare quests but raid tournaments I find full chests quickly (if doing alright) but bring on all the rare quests possible I love mats, cuz better to have them and not need them then vice versa now ninja tower that can go fly a kite , hate it think it’s just an excuse to release new heros…but otherwise I like having stuff to do as farming 7.4 or 8.7 over and over would be pretty dull!

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I already finished Springvale w/o WE flasks. This is 30 days of selling gems and items for overprice and not interesting playing

I barely play and have all done , no problem .

IMHO if you joined the race of money spenders then you are definitely bound to quit at some point, realizing that it’s a neverending thing if you want to stay competitive.

Then again, if you spent nothing or very little and don’t care about competing with anyone, you can play this game with a lot of enjoyment, especially with so many PvE challenging events available.

Actually I find wise World Energy management to be also quite challenging. Sometimes (like yesterday) it’s really frustrating having a farming event + a rare quest available at the same time, but no need to burn through WE flask to finish either of them.

Because of this greedy game players are moving towards other game even our favorite youtube player are moving towards Gemstone legends and some other games… This company ruining their own customers

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I do not know how to have fun doing one and the same for several years w/o ability to grow if you are not spender. For me time killing not equal to fun gaming.

And they leave the game. Even forum activity less than before after S3 finished.

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Looks like they got enough money and can doing this now.

I see Sooner its an end of this game and players prefer other games over it

I don’t think so. Old players will get bored or leave because of neverending money race. New players will come though and some of them will be whales.

Looks like quantity of new players some less than quantity of old players which leave the game.
80 000 000 downloads, only 2 000 000 active players (twinks included). Less than 5% of players finished 1st season. At this moment there are a lot really good alternatives (more friendly and adequate) games for new players. It’s just a gambling - nothing special from Zynga/SGG. Maybe 3 years ago it was OK, but not now. In current way this game is obsolete.

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They arrange trap for players like if u want rewards u complete event to complete event in time u,want WE for WE they make deal and players have to buy lol… Greedy SG/ZYNGA

It’s just a gambling like classic casino except real profit for players - for your money you will get only bytes and pixels. Most of those pixels will be useless because game have very low odds and very high prices.

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Challenging, yes.


I believe you and I have very different concepts about what we consider to be “fun”. :slightly_smiling_face:

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They defo messed this game up and think it’s time to probably think about a new game. The more threads I read the more I see this game is on the verge of melt down because of the amount of unhappy players.

And will probably be forced to cancel it. If the don’t fix the issue soon.

Ha, because these other games don’t keep popping adverts for paid content on your screen every few minutes… wait, yes they do. I’ve recently started playing the game you mentioned, and the gameplay is quite jolly but the characters aren’t engaging; I’ve also played another card-collecting but not match-3 game for a couple of years now (nearly as long as I’ve played E&P) where the characters are beautiful but I find the gameplay rather dull. Both of these give you more free stuff than E&P, but make no mistake, it’s all about the micro-transactions. This isn’t the only game that wants your money - they all do. And E&P, even with all its faults, remains my favourite. I bung the others an odd fiver now and then just to be fair.

Somebody made a comment a while ago on this thread about people who live in their mom’s basement. Well, I AM the mom and it’s my basement. I’ll squat in it playing non-stop games if I want to, in between working and (more or less) running the household. The bite-sized style of game, where you can play a level or two or hit a titan in between other stuff, works pretty well around the demands of the day and suits my attention span, which is also bite-sized. I don’t often miss any content. I can see how those with a more demanding job and dependent children might have more trouble fitting it all in though.

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It’s rather unfortunate to me that microtransactions have become a regular thing. But it seems that is precisely how the mobile game industry supports itself.

Once I am finally done with this game for good, I won’t be downloading any more games on my phone. I’ll go back to my good old fashioned PC and console games, for which I have already paid the price of admission.

Mobile apps, it seems, were never designed to cater to gamers like me in the first place. Which is just as well. I’m sure they’ll do just fine without me, and I’ll do just fine without them. :slightly_smiling_face:

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