Does anyone schedule these things to happen all at once? / Too many activities/ Overlapping Rare Quests, Atlantis Rises, Alliance War, Class Trials, Raid Tournaments, etc MASTER

Shrikewood dropped on the same day as the start of raid tournament, alliance war and the emblem quest. And all within a 6-hour window. Can you please spread this further apart?

But thanks for dropping the rare titan on us this morning. At least that thing is in the bag by now.


Shrikewood is an addition to that giant pile, which doesn’t always happen, but the mid-week Alliance War, Raid Tournaments, and the mid-week Class Trials always have a tight overlap.

I agree, it seems like they could be spread out more.

Congrats on the Rare Titan!


Please send as many rare and emblem quests as you want SGG, I’ll find a way to do them all!



lol. for years people complained about not having enough to do in game and now you’re complaining about too many things.

especially lol since most of them all have their own flags (other than shrikewood and class quest, he raid tournament, raiding, and alliance war all have their own flags).



It probably makes sense for stuff to start in the (European) morning and on a week day.

If anything goes wrong, there will be staff to take action.

When war went wrong at midnight on the weekend, there was a rage-hurricane of 200 threads and only the mods to deal with it.


Well, not everyone wants to eat, drink and sleep E&P 7x24. I liked this game in part because you could be in a place between casual and hardcore and still be very successful. They are changing that dynamic and I suspect it will drive a large number of players like me away.


That is a good point you raise.

Perhaps, on the week it’s going to happen, they could look at spacing a day inbetween or something to that affect?


I was on twice today. once before work and once briefly after. there was plenty of time to get everything done.

also if you don’t want to do something, then don’t. if you’re not quite a competitive player (you’re words) what’s the difference?


Actually, that is just about the opposite of my words. I almost literally said I was competitive, and could do so without being hardcore. There are players that are on almost every free minute of their day. Maybe you just haven’t run into them, but they are out there. I know more than a few.

You say twice a day, but give no indication of how many hours in each session. Maybe you don’t fill your chests twice to three times a day? That’s what it takes, at a minimum to be competitive…and that alone takes a fair amount of time.


Pretty much all games need to be played to be competitive.

And filling 2-3 chests, plus titans, plus war hits, plus tourney takes about an hour.


I agree. Ever since I joined 2 years ago, people on forum have been asking for more game content and more sources for mats.
Now we often have a lot going on in game and that is great.
I understand if newer players can have troubles keeping up on WE flags for several flag consuming events at the same time, but not impossible to manage. #goodproblems


This may be good for 60+ players or those who have many W.E.Fs
Other people like 40+ or FTPs can not do all of them within a time!
If lv45 has 38 flags and last 2 stages costs 16w.e &20w.e then Class trials will pass or worse a rare 3/4* Mats!
Both are important and both can not be let go.
That said let me know how many ftp ones you know are buying w.e refills?
Just saying
My 2 cents

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Without using loot tickets? Even using autofarm on monster rich levels using AOE hittings it takes much longer than that for me. And that’s just farming. War hits with all the coordination in and of itself takes an hour. And none of that takes into accounts raids and specials. Either you have some magic, or you use the **** out of loot tickets, and just randomly go through wars, or let others do the coordinating,


Funny im in one of the top competitive alliances and I barely fill chests once a day depending on my logins.

my alt is in the mid 40s for level (39 world energy max) and I don’t buy WE refills on any accounts and I managed to do everything yesterday while traveling for work and doing customer meetings most of the day. I started shrikewood the night before when it popped, finished it up wednesday morning along with starting class quest and 4.5 min for titan hits, then finished class quest at night after dinner. 5 raid tourney hits took 5-10 min.

For anyone with 5x70 or better you can auto the first 4 levels of the rare quests and if you have good 80s you can auto the whole thing.

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Was that always the case? Somehow I doubt it, or you are a very long term player.

With so many things to do I had to use one of the many free world flasks I collected with events :’(

But It were mainly to keep clearing S2 hard later.


Nice flask stash! :+1:


There’s nowhere that says every person in this game needs to be able to do everything all the time, but a majority of the forum feels this way for whatever reason (the 5* tourney was the most LOLtastic recent one - I only have 3* and entered a 5* tourney and am getting smashed, no fair no fair LOL).

This game’s best and most frustrating parts involve choices. Who to level, who to emblem, where to spend your WE is no different. Every long term player has had to deal with these priorities (and still do) and yes, it can can be frustrating not having enough WE to do it in the short term but even way back when I was level 30 I was able to handle these things with a little timing and hedging. Just let that monster chest sit idle and focus on these quests (which fill that chest anyways).

I’m cheap to play, and this new content and all these things to do keep me engaged and still spending (cheaply), which is kind of the point for SGG in making money (keep playing and spending).


its probably me looking through my 55 WE tinted glasses. But i can fill chests on 7/4 auto pretty easily. And Raid tournaments make filling the raid chests a lot easier.


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