Does anyone know Wilbur’s stats at 3/60

Card pic is preferable but definitely not necessary. :slight_smile:

503 573 949 in that order

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There you go.


Thankyou to you both!

who would you keep at 3/60 wilbur or bold tusk if you had both and you wanted to ascend the other?

If you have 4 -5 Lagoon family, ascend Wilbur.

Boldtusk if I didnt have any good 4* or 5* healers leveled up.

Boldtusk if I didnt have a decent defense team tank/center.

In all other cases: Wilbur. He’s the only 4* who spirit links the whole team and his defense effects are top notch

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Great answer. I assume at this point all specials are at max, and if go BT’s heal will continue to improve as he levels, but wilburs special is maxed at 8 and no improvement from there.

Remember, Wilbur also buffs defense by percentage, so techinically his special does improve as he and his team are leveled higher. Whether healing more Health points based on max is less or more useful than giving more Defense points based on max is subjective though

I don’t believe that is correct. His defense buff is only related to the level of his special. Just like debuffs are related to level of special and not character stats.

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