Does anyone know of any gem competitions or raffles?

Anyone know if there’s any competitions going on to win gems apart from E&P Facebook page or even any raffles out there from a creditable source I can enter by buying a ticket?
Surly SG are running a gem lottery somewhere considering their entire game is built on lottery styled odds!

In addition the ones SG runs on Facebook regularly, there’s this one right now:

They also just ran one on Reddit last week.


I’m sure you have contact with the developers…
Why don’t SG create a lottery ticket style event for gems!? With different prize tiers. They could tie it into the VIP monthly purchases and raise the price slightly or pay more for more chances! On a monthly basis like VIP…
“Subscribe to VIP and be in the draw to win a share of 1 million gems” the winners would create some goochy YouTube videos I’m sure… thus hooking their players even more

You could certainly suggest that in #ideas-feature-requests, maybe SG will consider it!


Thanks man, much appreciated

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