Does anyone know Boltusk’s stats at 3/60?

I have Costume Hawkmoon so long and Boltusk never shows up until now my Hawkmoon is already at emblem 19. She is pretty strong and almost 4* worthy. Boltusk is still at 1/1 and I have Wilbur, Guardian Falcon and Sumle at 3/60. I have also Kelile and Sumitomo at 1/1.
I know Boltusk is a very usefull red hero but how does he compare at 3/60 with C Hawkmoon emblem 19 ? I have a lot red heroes in line and Boltusk will be the last if he is compable with Hawkmoon.

Boldtusk @3/60
atk 488 / def 591 / hp 919

You might like this spreadsheet of partially leveled hero stats, created by @Coppersky and friends :


You can also ask jeeves which I am sure comes from the same source

As a general rule of thumb:

4* at 3/60 have 83% the stats vs 4/70
5* at 3/70 have 84% the stats vs 4/80

These apply across every single hero; feel free to verify those numbers yourself.

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Thanks guys. Very helpful !!