Does anyone know about what is small amount of mana?

I test Malicna without mana troop and her element link add small amount of mana, it last 3 turns and it adds near 2.5 tile. So means each small amount is 0.6 almost.
But before when I pull Bertila I checked her with mana troop and when all 3 minions died she achieve near 0.7 tile and seems small amount was less than 0.2 tile.
So is it difference for each hero? Or I made mistake about Bertila.
Does anyone know it ? Thanks.


I am also curious about this but for the small amount of mana in isrod’s counter.

It’s a fixed portion of a Mana Unit.

So for all heroes of a given Mana Speed, it will be the same quantity.

Malicna = Average
Bertila = Slow

Thus the “small amount” will fill Malicna’s mana bar more than Bertila’s will

And no I don’t know the exact numbers. I’ve never been bothered enough to do a study on it :stuck_out_tongue:


So for isrod, it depends on the speed of the hero where the counter/additional mana is attached? Do we have a specific percentage of the small mana per mana speed? Thank you in advance for the reply @Guvnor .

The Mana Units will be the same for all heroes. It’s just that a fast hero requires less mana units than a slow hero does.

Same effect as tiles. 1 Tile fills more of a fast heroes mana than on a slow hero.

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This info is very much appreciated.

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For some reason 4% fill comes to mind (which isn’t much for the whole mana bar)…thought i came across something in the past that figured this out but don’t hold me to it.

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Those troop effects on this amount of mana? How? For example if she got 0.7 tile each turn without any troop with mana troop it will be 0.7 + 0.15 Ă— 0.7 = 0.805 tile?

Wrong it is at least 7 % as I said I just check Malicna without any troop she charge with 3 minor mana which is 7.5 tile and 4 small amount of mana which is 2.5 for 4 of them

Ok…i said don’t hold me too it…

Her elemental does not stack, not mana generation or troop effect on it

Well… I mean that’s not correct but OK :slight_smile:

It would be a tiny increase (as small mana) but it’s there.

Mana troop DOES affect passive mana gained… It literally affects every single aspect of mana generation in the game.

Tile based, passive from a skill (such as Fenrir or Misandra) or passive over time (such as Alberich or the newest elemental links). Affects all of them.

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It seems than small amount of mana is 0.75 tile for Malicna.

Help me understand here a bit. How does knowing the exact numbers for this “small amount” thing help you in any way? Is it just curiosity? Or do you think it has some kind of practical value? I mean, the mana bar won’t charge any faster if you knew what “small amount” is exactly.


No it is 0.625 tile exactly and nothing effect on it I lost all mana resource to find it

0.626 tile each for Malicna

No it is not I was doing math operation last night till long time.
The amount of her mana is 0.625 tile and I set her calculation and if troop or mana generation effect on that cound increase to 0.8 so it is not little to not find out with two turns it will be more than half tile so I check it but now nothing change. It is so sad that mana generation or troop not effect on it.

Well. You’re welcome to your belief but it’s definitely wrong.

Mana troops 100% definitely do affect all forms of mana generation.

You can open a #bugs-issues thread if you believe differently and lay out your PROOF (not hearsay) there.

For now, I don’t see much point keeping this thread open as you’ve answered your own question are are promoting false information without supporting evidence (which is a breach of forum rules).