Does anyone else think that Leonidas should be fast mana?

Pretty much the Title. Also if he were fast would we even see him more often used?

Coz he is good as he is.
Reduces mana and heals self.
If he becomes fast, then he will be calculated as S2 hero.
And his costume is very good. Yet to release.


Right… let’s make Azlar fast too, as long as we’re at it…


Joon blinds and is fast so yes he should be fast

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If you want to make him fast, you have to decrease the mana cut to 15-20%.

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Elkanen disagrees.

He hits 3, heals self and is fast.

Whereas Leo

Hits one, heals self and has a big mana drop.

The hit 3 to hit one balances through the difference in the heal %.

The cards then balance by making Leonidas 1 step slower in exchange for the mana drop.

To make Leo fast I think either a change would be needed to further improve Elkanen ( and depending on what that change is possibly change other heroes too) or Leo’s skills or stats need reduced to balance him against existing fast from that era.


Glad someone agrees with me.

He will get faster with the costume . It’s one of the better classic heroes :slight_smile:

he should have holy damage with his underarm odor with avg speed…

Justice blinds and is slow …

leonidas has a hard mana cut and can possibly win some 1on2 duels, of course if the board plays along.

Elkanen has 60 less base attack and a weaker special and without mana cut he can win 1on1 but will struggle on 1on2 duels.

I think both are fine as they are.

This. 40% mana cut is too much for fast mana.


Leonidas 75%

Elkanen 38% + 19% +19% = 76%.

So technically their heal is about the same. In practice Leonidas is much better as Elkanen will often only hit 2 targets and hitting only 1 target you can choose the one target with lower defense better for Leonidas than Elkanen hitting 3.

To be honest I often aim Leonidas for the mana cut. Self heal is 2nd priority.

I feel that his % dmg should be closer to Joon’s and that should settle it for him (would impact his self-heal efficiency as well).

As others mentioned, 40% mana cut is a lot - provide that huge mana control to a fast hero and he can become broken.

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40% mana decrease/self heal would be OP as fast.

That’s essentially what he’ll be with costume. OP? Nope.

I have 5 of Leo now… please notify when mana speed will be changed! :hugs::laughing::rofl:

Is that a vote for changing Leo’s speed and making him slow? :wink:

What’s slow about Leo is the speed at which players level him up :laughing:

Disclaimer – I have one maxed. He rarely leaves my bench. He does make my beta yellow mono stack.