Does anyone else think rare heroes should go to level 60?

Now with season three heroes, especially, there are cool and colorful rare 3 star heroes. Why not make rare heroes level to 60 with an additional tier so they have more long term use? This makes sense to me as epic have one less tier than legendaries so shouldnt rares follow the same pattern?

Emblems + troops = more power

A costumed and emblemed max three star is only just above a four star at 3/60, a costumed and maxed four star is a little bit more powerful than a maxed or even lightly emblemed five star. It seems fair to balance things out in my opinion.


1* should go to 40
2* should go to 50
3* should go to 60

4* can go to 70
5* can go to 80

Not too important though…

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For what it’s worth, I agree. Some 3s have usability beyond their tier, e.g. Nordri and C Brienne. I take C Brienne to 14 titans. It would be good if they were a bit stronger


I really hope some day they put something in place that lets you take a +20 hero up a star level but they lose all their emblems and have a % chance to acquire a new skill.

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