Does anyone actually do these?

Have never seen the point this Battle Items quest, even new players can craft these quite easily. And pretty positive i get more ham than this from regular farming


left doing those long ago
its better to farm elsewhere

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And why buying this?

When you have this?

I guess the main reason is this:


I don’t do those. Even those recruits missions give you less recruits than 8.7 with lower energy. XP quests are also not worthy. So now days I usually skip everything else than extra rare quests and those II quests in everything. I think those should give you much more, than what those give now.

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skipping the missions delay the arrival of the colored trunks … even if the trunks contain so much disgusting to be worth it

Sometimes I’ll complete those just for a change of pace, but I agree that the rewards need to be adjusted up a bit. IMHO, the rewards for a limited-time quest should always be better than those for an always-available farming level.


That is a scam in my opinion lol I’ve always given a friendly “buyer beware” heads up about those RNG type packs, especially rhe ascension ones.

I always advise against these:


And the packs with 4 epic hero tokens and a couple of 3* heros and couple of 3* troops. Can do 5 summons with chance at 5* for same price or apply the gems/money to better special offers that come with much more as well. Such as:

Game definitely irritates me when it comes to the shop’s “daily deals” or whatever since i hear of new players buyin that stuff and instantly face palm when they tell me lol. The army pack is a good deal. The “bs deals” are the ones in the game shop daily.

Totally preying on new players that dont know better.

People spend enough on just gems and gems+ascension mats. No need to further market them into buyin crap they dont need. Just too greedy in my opinion.

Anyways I’m waaay off topic so back to the pointless quests lol


We need better quests. Somethin that does have somethin better to offer.

Where are quests for adventure kits or swords or rugged clothes? What about nuggets, dragon bones, dust? Epic hero token? Epic troop token? Trainer hero quests? Food or iron quests that are worthwhile? These things would benefit the game. Not quests for small mana potions, arrows, or an insignificant amount of ham.

Surprised these things made it this long unchanged


In the “Ideas & Feature Requests” section I’ve already made a proposal to adjust the quest tiers to cup levels:

No gold, platinum or diamond player needs these beginner quests anymore. Also, they are much too easy to be any fun to play. Therefore, it would be the best if quests were at least a bit challenging for all types of players and would give rewards that are worth the world energy spent.


I never used the quests even as a new player. Think that’s my main problem with them. Is they have never been worth playing for me at any level. Anytime i cracked down the rewards per w/e for quest completion vs rewards per w/e for farming, farming has always won. Even players lower than level 10 don’t benefit more from world map play than they do these quests.

Need scrapped and redone

events that last 1 month or businesses that last 48 hours do not need … the faster the exchange thanks

Eh i would agree with that if they weren’t the only quests with decent rewards. But if they did away with those, we would be even more reliant on rare quests, money, and RNG for ascension mats

@rigs The Battle Items 1 quest is really pointless. Same with Crafting Items 1. However, in the first two or three weeks I did the food and iron quests when I was short of resources.

I think they should all be re-worked and if a quest does not give any advantage compared to low-level farming, it should be buffed/changed.

@Formicatomica Sorry, I don’t really get what you mean. Do you fear that if the quests got buffed they would appear too rarely? I would like to have the same frequency, just rewards that make the quests worth doing for all kinds of players (and thus different tiers for beginners, intermediates and advanced players + a re-thinking of quests that are currently inferior to low-level farming for all players)


no no I said that the missions lasted too many hours, could be changed more often, invented new ones, the missions that you finish in 10 minutes make them last 24 hours are embarrassing

Quests lasts 24 hours to give all players a chance to complete.

Now a change where as the next quest starts as soon as current one is complet would be a nice change i think. Gives everyone same opportunity at completion but doesnt make those who complete them early wait for a new one. Rare quests could be on a track of their own where they still appear on a schedule regardless of how many quests a player completes


I think the time frames are okay as they are. Many players don’t enter the game that frequently - also I would be angry if I missed a good quest (Farholme or Gems II for instance) just because I didn’t have the chance to go online.

The problem is not the frequency in general, but the frequency of quests really worth doing. If there were two interesting (and demanding) quests every day or every 36 hours, we all would be happy. Also, too frequent quests might consume too much world energy in particular if there are monthly and seasonal events at the same time.


Do you have any data that supports this claim?

I do almost all quests, but that is just my way. I sometimes skip the food and iron quests, because those are, well pointless, lol. The battle items 1 I do for the arrows, because I am always low on crude iron and I use a lot of arrows on titans and tornadoes (that need 4 crude iron) on events.

300 arrows in stock and i cant remember the last time i crafted any. Same with axes. But guess i just have better luck with loot

Skipping chest timers does increase the quantity of elemental chests. Idk how he connected quests and elemental chests though. People complain when i show them how often i see elemental chests lol. I see 4 to 5 a month. Was collecting data for awhile but it got erased with old phone.

But without data as proof this could be chalked up to specualtion and theory as well i guess.