Does anybody like Lady Locke?

She is my only five star green hero. I keep rotating her in and trying really hard to like her, but her delayed poison attack seems almost useless. I then switch her back out for Skittleskull. I have the ability to “rare” ascend her, but am hesitant. Does anybody actually like her?

Can’t say I like her, but I got my team creamed in a raid yesterday despite a 500 power advantage because I couldn’t stop a 2/60 Locke in center getting her special off twice. I had a lousy board, but I found the hard way she’s not forgiving of any mistakes or misfortunes on an attackers part.


I dont have her, but I honestly think she loses only to Lianna and Alberich. Think she is better than the pirate lady and Horghall, and definitely better than the elves. (Considering 5* greens)

Edit: sorry, i meant the knight lady

Locke has one thing going for her: something like the 2nd highest ATK stat in game which makes her valuable for titans where tile damage is king; also you aren’t worried that much about resetting the dot there as special damage is in the margins anyway.

That’s, kinda it.

She’s probably not bad still on raid attack but she takes some getting used to, much like Nat, and she has some drawbacks even there even if the purification is a skill only two other heroes have.

Kadilen is situational but better in raids hands down, probably not on titans though that special defense buff doesn’t suck against kraken; Elkanen is better as a tank for sure, maybe better offense raids (fast, immediate damage dealing, the self heal is sorta OK) but compared to Alby / Lianna / soon to be Zeline / maybe even Morgana, Locke doesn’t really rate.

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Yep, she is good only for her attack stats and maybe for defence raids (if you have a good team supporting her).

As far as it is, green is definetely Lianna’s territory for what concern not limited time heroes, all the other are questionable for one thing or another.

What makes her attack stat less valuable is that her special is constant damage. It is not affected by attack stat so it is not increased by attack modifiers either, like Boldtusk and Ares. Neither is the damage increased by defence penalties like Athena.

-It takes 6 turns to do all that damage with most of it coming in the end. Opponents are likely to heal before that.
-It can be dispelled which cuts out a lot of the damage.
-Her buff doesn’t stack so you can’t cast it again until 6 turns has passed, if you do, you lose damage.

All these combined means she is a really bad hero. I would never use her and I have really rarely seen anyone use her.


I really like her look, and I think her special is unique (plus it kicked my arse a few times during the challenge event), but when in the hands of a live player, she’s just not too great. Shame.

What about the other green lady, Morgan Le Fay? Got her and Elkanen at tier 3 and don’t know which one to ascend. I’m using both heroes on titans and I’ll probalby put one of them in my raid defense team

Morgan is better than Elkanen overall, except at tanking on raid defense… I think they’re more even personally in other slots on defense. Titans her higher attack stat will win out over his better special in that use case; raid attacking Morgan is much better.

Map autofarming Elkanen better but that isn’t saying much.

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With the new talents system in play she gets more incentives to boost attack stats. Since boosting attack with talents does increase passive damage

I’ve always liked her and never knew it was such a debate :man_shrugging:


I’m with you. She is very good.


Love her, even using emblems on her


I have her and I share your sentiment. In theory she is alright, does almost 900 damage on 3 heroes + cleanse. In practice however, she is bad. And you described it perfectly well why.

I like her —

  1. having a cleanse let me pull the healer when needed…

  2. good sorcerers are the devil

  3. average works well with mana buffs

  4. 4 turns isn’t so bad - I eat what they throw at me then fire her, then a mana controller like Proteus, Hel, Onatel, Miki, Hansel, Peters, etc… can finish with several options — especially a hit 3 or AoE

I find her to be a good against Kunchen when paired with say … Hansel.

  1. no card is perfect, but this one looks like Liz Lemon… her dot is like my gfs temper; will eat you alive if you don’t deal with it early … 800+ is no joke…

  2. tile damage … gives her a spot on a lot of teams she normally wouldn’t qualify for

  3. I like her - she fits well in a stack (Tarlak, Locke, Yunan, Margaret plus one more — Evelyn, Kingston, Greg, Lilianna — basically whatever you got)


Sorry dragging up an old thing but this isn’t correct:

DoT is actually affected massively by the heroes attack base stat… As a hero is levels the DoT increases… Same with as the hero gets Emblems, the DoT goes up further still

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To answer the original question;

YES!! I love her. I’m honestly considering ascending her to max over Kingston…

Her DoT is the highest in the game… Beaten only by GM if he’s firing constantly. You can essentially kill 3 heroes with 1 special…

Also her cleanse is extremely unique. There is no other green hero who does a full team cleanse. This means you can a) remove the need for a dedicated dispeller from your team and b? Increase your colour stacking

Finally, as has been pointed out her attack stat is great. This makes her very effective vs. titans

In comparison to other 5* heroes there are definitely some I’d ascend before her BUT I’d definitely ascend her before many others…


I pulled her last Pirates event assuming I would be lucky to just get boomer. However she is my favorite hero I have. I can see why should would have limited use on a defense team, but is otherwise the perfect hero for me.

Think she’s a bit like Onatel’s dark side

If you like Onatel’s progressive mana cut, you’ll be used to the dot progression

It’s 4 — not 6 turns

If you are more of a Veruca Salt type player — you won’t get it now, no matter how much you want it; best to stick with something else

Locke is also the only green cleanser for all allies, even after all this time, and has some of the highest attack in the game (above the 800 range) despite being squishy for her rarity.

Often forgotten but valuable traits Locke has going for her.


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