Does any Alliance want a Steady Eddie

Hi, we, 541-Titan Slayers, would be happy to have you. We have a friendly, supportive, very active, laidback but competitive alliance. We joke and fight together until the end. Some of our members have a long experience with the game and can give you all the advice you ask for or need. Most of our players have been in this alliance for more than a year, finding a home here. We have an international alliance with players from US, Europe and Asia. We’re hitting 11-12* Titans, we use every flag on the table during war, we use red tanks for now but we do rotate after a while.
If you want to be part of our amazing group, come check us out. :slight_smile:

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Thanks for all the offers, very much appreciated. Made my choice.


Avant de signer chez une autre alliance vient voir les chivas fr si tu aimes le bon whisky. Peut-être que çà fera la différence.

@dunc Good luck with settling into your new home!

May I confirm that one of the moderators can close your thread? Otherwise you will most likely continue to get offers. :sweat_smile:


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