Does any Alliance want a Steady Eddie

Been playing for about 3 years and vc2p. Got 23 maxed 5star but mainly S1 heroes, not got many fancy ones and certainly none of the big hitting heroes.
I generally use my titan attacks but might miss the odd one, always use war flags, do not want to use Line or anything and am a casual player.
My current Alliance who I have been with since the start has too many people who do not use their titan or war attacks so we are currently only hitting 6
Titans, Previously hit 8*Titans but some other big hitters have since moved on.
I am level 74 and have all buildings maxed but not a serious playing in terms of tactics but willing to learn more, basically I am a plodder but after a new home, based in UK.
Looking to move after current war, any alliance interested.


@dunc we might be a good fit for you at De Raptors. We are mid tier hitting 8-11star titans. We have a mix of abilities and always looking for a couple of extra players to join the group.

We aren’t over strict with rules. Mainly hit titan when you are on and use all flags in war if you opt in. Missed war flag means you sit next war out.

Any questions about the group either me or @Chadmo can do our best to answer.

I’m also on Line if want to get any other details but it isnt a requirement



You should check out Backdoor Bandits, Since I joined this alliance it has been great, very helpful team mates and a lot of experience. The only thing asked is to use all the flags on wars or opt out and hit titans. Let me know if you are interested @Scarbella15

Thanks @kilted! Please give us a shot, we chat and discuss game tactics to help everyone improve and enjoy the game. We do have a lot of players from the UK so you’ll feel right at home. We also recently had another alliance join us so you’ll be with other new players in our fun group.



We have a few openings in Diamond Infantry. Latest recruiting post here if you want to get a sense for our alliance: Diamond Infantry is looking for 2 new members (14* titans, no Line/Discord)

If you’re used to 8* titans, the jump to 14* could be a bit of a shock, but if you want to give it a shot, we’d be happy to have you.


I know you’ve got some great offers already, but take a look at TBD Part Deux - you’d be more than welcome.

They’ve capped titans at 12* and just a really great bunch of active, friendly people. There is a lot of expertise on the team as well. All war flags used.

There are a few UK based players including @Macaque1902 the fearless leader. @Kalis could add a few more reasons to join too.


Thank you everyone for responding and appreciate the time you have taken. I will have a think but just told my Alliance I will be leaving at the end of the war, been there for over 800 days so think it is time for a change.


Hi, Dunc, we have folks all over the world with a teammate also in the UK. Feel free to give us a look over. We use all war flags in war and are killing a 13* right now. We’d be happy to have you. We can be chatty, but you don’t have to be, and we have line, but not required. We have a simple strategy for war and rotate tanks after each war cycle… right now we are on purple. If you are interested we are: Silent Implosion. Line ID is Toya_76

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Welcome to check out The Fantastic Core, filled with a great group of people that kill 11/12* and normally use all flags in war. They currently have 25 members but willing to give semi serious players a chance. My ign is terryson and I’m currently playing in top 100 alliances, but this is my home alliance that I visit from time to time because it has people I’ve been playing with for 3 years. I need a little more competitive, but they have my blessing.

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Just to add to what @Sarah2 posted above: I had a very similar feeling to you and made a choice to move to TBD: Part Deux about a month or so ago and I definitely made the right decision. It’s great! Loads of us felt the same.

We’re an international alliance and I’m based in the UK too, as is our leader @Macaque1902 and a couple of the others.

We’re casual, fun and a great bunch of people. No real requirements but we do have Discord and Line for chat and a more involved experience if you want but entirely up to you.

Check out our recruitment thread and we’d love to see you!


Hi Dunc, You are welcome to come over to our team if you like. We are the suicide squad unified. The players play daily. If they dont play our leader will do some spring cleaning and see who has to go. We are pretty fair within our group and we communicate. If they opt out of war we dont expect them to participate in war but if they opt in. Then we do expect the participation in wars and Titan attacks.

Dunc - Digital Warriors may be a good option for you. We are active and are killing 9-10* titans. We are a casual alliance. Check us out if you wish.

If your main play style is casual, stay for the long term instead of a drifter, want to contribute, collect loots, and not interested in using outside applications, Technicolor Minds might be something that might interest you.

Our alliance is made up of long time players, I myself have been playing over 3.5 years and most of our players have remained here, the newest member probably little over 2 years.

We are casual alliance made up of F2P, C2P and P2P

We hit Titans in the 7* to 9* spot (highest was probably 11* when we were full),

We are mostly US based but have a member from the UK (bless her heart for staying with us for so long).

War is optional and we encourage our opt-in members to use all war flags. War strategies are loosely coordinated, but we win most wars if all flags are used.

We stay active on the Titans to make sure the POV Titan challenge gets fulfilled for those who needs it.

We have Line Group, but it is not required as most chatting action occur in-alliance chats

Technicolor Minds

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I’m in the Mandalorian Tea Party. We bring down 8* titans. 26 of us currently. We all usually hit the titan, but there are still around 3 people who miss every day. Usually around 17 flags unused at the end of a war out of 20 participants, but most of those flags are because a low-level player was saving in case a beatable target respawns or is ready for cleanup. We also use green war tanks. We’re pretty lax here

We at Kiss-My-Axe welcome any player. We hit between 11* to 13* titans. A bit bigger than a 8* titan. We have solid players, and also have a second alliance, Kiss-My-Axe-too if you want a more slower pace. Feel free to check out out.

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Internationals would love to have you. Look us up.



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Crow’s Nest Soldiers has 3 spots remaining. Active and chill af. Participation over performance

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@JaR82 You failed to mention… me?!

TBD: Part Deux is the place for you. This is the test you’re ready for. We’ve all been there and once we decide to jump, look where we end up? Home.

Wars have been against some really outstanding opponents (shout out @Rob_DI @D_DI today!).

We recently took down a 13* rare with 23/30 members, so we’re dragon slayers, but we cap it at 12* for cost/benefit reasons.

I feel like it’s a given, but understanding where you’re coming from, it will be mentioned all flag usage is a way of life here.

Spanning too many zones to count, lots of strategy talk if you’re so inclined, always mischief.

Visit us. If it’s not for you, it will have been nice having a cup of coffee with you.


We really want you! No need of Line or anything else… we have if you want but it is not a must have… so come and check us


Not to take over Dunc’s thread but I’d never forget about you @Kalis (especially with our mutual appreciation for Noor): but how many people is too many people to tag in a recruitment post?


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