Dodge talent issue?

Yes, because it’s a community forum so mostly players are posting here. The only reference to direct damage by SG staff I was able to find are release notes for v20:

  • Natalya: Damage over time increased from 700 to 752.
  • Kadilen: Direct damage increased from 170% to 190%.
  • Valeria: Direct damage increased from 155% to 235%.

Here you also have distinction between direct damage for most of the heroes and damage over time for Natalya. Also direct damage increase for Valeria references the amount of damage she deals with her special skill instantly, in opposition to her DoT.


There’s no need to discuss it with them. 95% of the players understand what direct damage is.

I know the difference between DoT and direct damage. The point is that when the damage is shared, it is no longer direct. Please look up definition of direct, and then start discussing, otherwise it is pointless to reply to you.

grzechol brought new thoughts to the discussion, while you are just trolling and trying to insult me.

I’m misunderstanding your question.

When you say a rogue dodged direct damage while under the shared damage buff

Which hero was the special skill fired at?

If you’re saying you had 5 targets under shared damage buff:

HeroA heroB heroC heroD heroE

And you fired a special skill that targets 1 at hero C and then E(marjana for example) dodges then yea that seems like a bug to me as she didnt recieve direct damage(which is why riposte isnt triggered this way under wilbur buff)

If you’re saying marjana is hero C in line up above and you targeted her with special skill, then i would say her talent proc’d before the shared damage buff applied

the special was fired to a neighbouring hero, Caedmon in this case, yet Marjana dodged the damage.

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Ok you fired at Caedmon.
With a skill that targets/hits 3
Yes if marjana is within range she can dodge whether shared damage is applied or not

Skill fires
Talents proc or dont proc
Then other effects are taken into account such as shared damage or other buffs

At least from my understanding

Talents proc/dont proc before buffs and other things are taken into account. It’s how the talents work in the system order. If this wasnt the case then they would have a lot of coding to do and then have to make a special case for talents like the ranger talent that bypasses buffs or you would see alasie hit, die from riposte then come back to life because her talent proc’d

And you also wouldnt see fighters revive with DoT still applied. They would die on impact, then DoT would apply to a nonexisting hero, and Fighters would revive without the status effect but that’s not the case

So hope that helps. Has nothing to do with the definition of shared or direct damage. Just boils down to the firing order of events in the system

To be clear:

Exemplary defensive team:
Marjana, Rigard, Caedmon, Kiril, Joon,

Exemplary attack team:
Domitia, Wilbur, Azlar, Rigard, Hel

  1. Wilbur applies Wonderful Feast to all heroes.
  2. Attacking Domitia fires at Joon to maximize dmg.
  3. The damage is shared between enemies.
  4. Marjana dodges shared damage, however the shot was fired directly at Joon, not her.

If Domitia fired at Marjana, then I see no reason for her to not be able to dodge.

Then yea it’s a bug
Shared damage isn’t direct damage
Hence riposte effect under shared damage mentioned above.

Unless the riposte error i mentioned over 6 months ago wasnt an error and shared damage is intended to be direct damage(which isnt uncommon, I’ve mentioned stuff on a few occasions with sg responding “working as intended” only to be changed months down the road)

The Fictionary defines direct damage as:

Direct damage – health loss caused immediately when a special is cast. Contrast to DoT.

Although the fictionary is user-created, it is maintained and curated by the moderators.

There is, of course, another way to figure out what SGG defines as “direct damage”—what damage can rogues evade? Because rogues can evade shared damage, it follows directly that such damage is direct. QED

Functionally, it’s also clear. Direct damage happens immediately upon the cast; no status ailment is needed to keep track of the damage.

I suspect what you are taking issue with is the (mis)use of the term “direct” instead of, say, “upfront” or “immediate”. I also dislike the term, but for a different reason: “direct damage” is actually filtered through the Damage Calculation formula, so it’s a calculated value, not a direct “inflict 300 damage” sort of thing.


Then by that, riposte should trigger even if buffed by wilbur

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And I recall seeing debate on that point. I suspect they didn’t code it that way because then there would be inconsistent behavior for riposte damage caused by specials and by tiles.


So they created an inconsistency to avoid inconcistencies basically. Sounds about right.

@Petri any insight on this topic?

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Would QoH’s taunt be direct or shared? The damage is aimed at another hero but she intercepts it. This would be similar to Wilbur’s shared damage.

To my thinking it’s all direct, like A0E or Splash3.


By the definition, I think it is direct. The damage goes in a straight line to the opponents and occurs instantly. Like AoE or Splash 3 damage it is predetermined that the damage travels along multiple straight lines instead of 1. It is not damage deferred until later (DoT).


Just checking in on the thread

A+ discussion.


Domitia’s damage is direct damage. So a Rogue can dodge it, regardless of how much or little of the damage is directed at her. I’m not sure why this is hard to grasp.

It’s a fair semantics question; Domitia aims at Joon, so damage shuttled over to Marjana (via Wilbur’s Feast) is second-hand and thus, by some definitions, indirect. In E&P, however, “direct damage” stands in contrast to “damage over time”. There is no term “indirect damage” used in this game.

The riposte question is, I think, the most interesting. If Wilbur’s special, spreading around damage to his teammates, still preserves the “direct” aspect of the damage, then

  1. If Marjana fires at Obakan with riposte active, shouldn’t she have a chance to dodge the riposted damage?
  2. If Marjana’s teammate Joon fires at said Obakan, and Marjana and Joon have linked damage (Wilbur, Aegir, etc.), shouldn’t Markana have a chance to Dodge her share of the riposted damage?
  3. If Rogue Alice fires at Mitsuko with her reflect up, should Alice have a chance to dodge the reflected damage?
  4. If Alice fires at Mitsuko, should a damage-linked Marjana have a chnace to dodge her share of the damage?
  5. If Monk Joon fires at Ursena with her reflect up, should he have a chance to withstand the reflected Blindness?
  6. If the answers to the above are not either all “yes” or all “no”, explain why.
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All no because it wouldn’t be the same game if it was all yes lol

But basically yea it could/should work that way, but i think that would probly be difficult on the dev end to do though without riskin a bunch bugs for quite awhile until the kinks are worked out

All no because reflect is not direct damage. If it were yes then you’ve built ranger into Rogue.

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