Dodge talent issue?

I just noticed that dodge talent doesn’t dodge everything, and I’m not sure if it’s designed to be that way or not.

I was raiding with Domitia against an opponent with Hel. When Hel fired her special, Domitia dodged it (so she didn’t get any damage) but ended up mana-blocked anyway. Is that normal?

If so, sorry. And have a wonderful day.

It is normal: rogue’s talent only avoid heroes from being damaged but every other effects are still applied.


Really? Ok thanks!

20 uneffectives dodges

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The description says it only applies to direct damage.


The monk skill is the opposite - take the hit but avoid the status affect


That is confusing.

Should probably say “evade direct damage” since Margret’s dodge works more like Ghost form / Invisibility potion.


This should be clarified. I have fought Marjana and other rogues numerous times. Wilbur applied status to all enemies, fired my Hel to a different target, and Marjana dodged the shared damage. Please explain what is a direct damage? Why she was able to dodge that?

Shared damage is still direct damage. She would not dodge DoT or status changes.

Edit to clarify: Wilbur’s special takes the direct damage and spreads it amongst all opponents. It’s still direct damage though.

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I’m sorry but this is not a direct damage. It is clearly indirect. I’m referring to the definition of direct itself:
Both B1 and B2 definitions are pretty self explanatory.

SG plz fix.

Direct damage is the damage applied at the moment when special skill is used. It doesn’t matter whether it’s shared or not.
Damage over time (like burning, poison, health stealing) takes place in subsequent turns after special skill was used thus it isn’t considered direct damage and can’t be dodged by rogue.

Everything is perfectly fine with rogue talent and its description.


Just because some people don’t understand it, doesn’t mean it isn’t understandable.


You just proven me right. It does matter if it si shared or nor. If it is shared, it cannot be direct. As simple as that. Either change evade description or mechanics.

Look mate, in this game “direct damage” means “damage dealt by special skill in the turn it was fired”. Every game has its own terminology and this is what “direct damage” means in this game.


Can you please point me to the definition of “direct damage” you just posted. I cannot find it here on the forum. If it is definied somwhere in the way you just posted, then OK, end of topic, can’t argue with the definition. If it is not, then adjustments should be made.

There’s no official glossary provided by SG. Here are some examples what players understand by “direct damage”:

Clearly distinguishes difference between direct damage (dealt by SS in the turn it’s fired) and DoT (damage over time) which is a status effect, not a direct damage.

Again about Gravy’s damage

This time about Colen and Proteus. Colen deals direct damage and DoT, Proteus only DoT.

Here Hansel’s and Gretel’s secondary effect damage compared to their direct damage.

As you can see, term “direct damage” is commonly used to distinguish between damage applied instantly and DoT. You can find more examples by searching for “direct damage”, just put this phrase in quotes.

If you’re still convinced the “direct damage” has a different meaning, please contact customer support and request change in rogue’s talent description:

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Thank you for a valuable contribution.I think I will try to contact SGG and discuss with them, since all mentioned quotes are just players thoughts.

Once again thank you for a fruitful discussion.

Yes, because it’s a community forum so mostly players are posting here. The only reference to direct damage by SG staff I was able to find are release notes for v20:

  • Natalya: Damage over time increased from 700 to 752.
  • Kadilen: Direct damage increased from 170% to 190%.
  • Valeria: Direct damage increased from 155% to 235%.

Here you also have distinction between direct damage for most of the heroes and damage over time for Natalya. Also direct damage increase for Valeria references the amount of damage she deals with her special skill instantly, in opposition to her DoT.


There’s no need to discuss it with them. 95% of the players understand what direct damage is.

I know the difference between DoT and direct damage. The point is that when the damage is shared, it is no longer direct. Please look up definition of direct, and then start discussing, otherwise it is pointless to reply to you.

grzechol brought new thoughts to the discussion, while you are just trolling and trying to insult me.

I’m misunderstanding your question.

When you say a rogue dodged direct damage while under the shared damage buff

Which hero was the special skill fired at?

If you’re saying you had 5 targets under shared damage buff:

HeroA heroB heroC heroD heroE

And you fired a special skill that targets 1 at hero C and then E(marjana for example) dodges then yea that seems like a bug to me as she didnt recieve direct damage(which is why riposte isnt triggered this way under wilbur buff)

If you’re saying marjana is hero C in line up above and you targeted her with special skill, then i would say her talent proc’d before the shared damage buff applied

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