Dodge specials do not work with spirit link

A have notised that if you use spirit link with a Hero that Dodge talent let say Scarlet and only she get a sniper hit from let say Joon but her talent go off hole your team still gets thé dammage from thé special how is this possible??If that she stil gets thé blind this is normal only Dodge thé dammage from the special but still gets thé statuseffect bot no dammage.But with spirit link actif in your side thé dammage from Joon his special still go true hole your team even when let say Scarlet clearly say Dodge when special on her gets fired.

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It’s because of how Spirit Link works.

What you think happens with spirit link is that the DAMAGE is calculated on the TARGET & then divided out amongst the team.

What ACTUALLY happens is that the HIT is divided amongst the team & then INDIVIDUAL damage calculations are conducted for each hero.


I know That thé hits gets devided nu thé number of hero’s alive in thé spirit link.But if the target Dodge thé dammage how kan it than je calcolated as hit of thé target to devided te special dammage?

Because it ISN’T damage that is divided…

It is the actual STRIKE.

So if we take the exmple of Magni who strikes with 420%.

What happens is that this 420% is divided by the number of heroes alive (say 5). This means that each hero gets 1/5th of the strike (420/5 = 84%). This 84% then gets put into the damage calculation for EACH INDIVIDUAL HERO.

So when Dodge kicks in, the only hero who avoids taking damage is the hero who dodged… The remaining 4 heroes will all still have their own individual damage calculations work out the damage.

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Oke but way it’s it then so that they dammage that Every one get change if the target has a higher deff or is thé Collot where they attacker is wrak eagainst?

Sorry I really don’t understand what you said.

I say that the dammage taken from that sniper attack get changed if they enemy choose to target a Hero with high or los deff or that te attacker choose as target a Hero wher thé Caster of thé special weak is eagainst.

Wait, if this is true why “individual calculations” have the same result? I would expect four different θ giving different damage numbers.

Two examples from my last raid

Asking 'cause I’m one of those that aim at the the hero with the weakest defence stat to get a higher damage, (thinking that is then shared equally).

That is a really interesting way of looking at it. I would assume that the target will take damage according to his/her/plant defense but that each of the other linked targets will take damage according to their individual defense stats like @Guvnor said! :slightly_smiling_face:

Not quite the right description.

Target hit> damage calculation > spiritlink> dodge y/n is the order of process. So damage is calculated against targeted hero shared across them and then the talent skill has a chance to dodge the damage caused

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Thé dammage is always devided for Every Hero in team for thé same dammage.So indeed if you use your sniper hit in thé Hero that has thé lowest deff stats Will thé dammage je higher than if you Will use your special on thé Hero with thé highest deff stats.

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I realized it works that way, when I got Margaret and paired her with Aegir… Absolutely pointless, cause she would barely ever dodge due to the low damage.

I think though it would make more sense the other way, calculate the damage and then share the potential. In that case Margaret would have still her 90% dodge chance.

It’s more logical: If Lianna goes off and hits my team protected by Wilbur, her special should be assigned first, so 512% damage to targeted enemy. Then this enemy shares the damage they would receive with all his allies. The way it is actually calculated, the description of spirit link would be more precise if it were saying “If an enemy is targetting you with direct damage, it divides the damage through the number of alive heroes and targets all instead”. I know a bit nitpicker-ish maybe, but more precise.

Also, as I remember correctly there was an update about a year ago where they changed how riposters and spirit link interacts: Back then, you could just hit Boril when your team had spirit link and the riposte damage was shared with your whole team.

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But how it it then possible dat Every Hero take thé same dammage if they horo’s not all have thé same deff so normaly Will thé hit from magni do different dammage to thé hero’s so as you now it Tell it us.?

Lets order it in numbers

  1. Sniper fires at scarlett
  2. The calculated damage would be, lets say 1000
  3. Spirit link active means 200 damage for all 5 heroes
  4. Scarlett dodge chance triggers. She gets 0 instead of 200 damage

That seems to be how it works

Also, for you curious people.
A similar problem also works with counter attacks.

Even if you had two elenas and a wilbur, the spirit link will greatly weaken the counterattack.
Thats because counter seems to be calculated on the targets alone, not every spirit linked enemy.


  1. Vela fires on a mono red team with two elenas and 5 counter attacks. Her 2000 (or so) damage beat herself up.
  2. Vela fires on the same team with spirit link. Every hero now gets (lets ignore the +defense here for a sec.) Each hero now gets just 80 damage (400 divided by 5). And another 4 times 80 damage spirit linked from the other 4 heroes.
    So they also ger 400 damage, but on a different way.
    And the counter attack will just throw back the initial damage, not the spirit linked.

So: 115% x 80 x 5 = around 500 damage.
Vela will still be in charge.

So think well on your teamsetup :wink:

I suppose this is the way it is. Still imo the more logical order would be:

  1. sniper fires at scarlett
  2. Calculated damage would be 1000, to stick with your example
  3. a) Scarletts dodge chance triggers. Nothing happens, so step 4 will be skipped.
  4. b) Scarletts dodge chance doesn’t trigger
  5. Spirit link will distribute the damage on all heroes

Maybe after playing Magic The Gathering for some years, I just got nitpicky about descriptions of effects on hero cards. MTG is really accurate regarding these kind of things, while in E&P it’s often more like Yeah, something like that. Not exactly how we say it, but you know how what we mean…

(I hope I don’t break forum rules by mentioning another game. If so, I’m sorry and please just delete or censor this part. But since it is a card game and no mobile game I thought it would be ok…)

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