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As I’ve never played it it’s a massive yes from me!


Seems to me lots of people enjoyed this feature.

I know I did.

Lets hear your thoughts. Vote up there :arrow_up:

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Maybe SG will relaunch the damned thing.


It was an interesting take and no doubt hitching a ride on the Monster Hunter fame at the time. But never did got off the global beta sticker did it?

Don’t mind the return, but needs improvement like more energy to be used and better energy management (25 per unexplored space is way too much), and smaller alliances can’t afford to venture to do much because the energy can only be replenished once, there was also no flask that could be used.

Also that permanent damage handicap is just absurd, and when you return to base you can’t heal yourself back up, know why they did it, but doesn’t make sense logistic-wise that you would go to an unexplored island without being able to establish forward bases or waypoints you only choose to bring basic medical supplies instead of anticipating for something far worse.


I voted no. I didn’t particularly enjoy it. I understand many others like it. If it comes back I’ll play. But I don’t need it back.

If there was a “sure”option I would have voted for that.


If only they could tweak it and make it pvp related, like fighting an alliance over resource nodes, strongholds, etc…

Absolutely, I enjoyed the concept of it. Would love to have it once a month.


Needs a few tweaks, but it has (had?) great promise.

Shame it seems that it never got out of beta. :cry:


I found it to be a wonderful addition to the game. I agree it needs some tweaking but I would absolutely love to see this make a return.

Just one gamer’s opinion

Game Well :sunglasses: :mechanical_arm: :desert_island:


Wasn’t a fan of it …Time vs reasores vs loot back didn’t really seem worth it for me.

I get that was beta so things can be adjusted, i do think its over complicated aswell for a casual player.

Id give it another shot if it come back after adjusting, but wouldn’t be bothered if i never saw it agian.


I feel like that about people…


By the time I figured out what I was doing, they pulled the plug. I wanted to try it again with new found knowledge but it never came back. I would like to see this feature again.


Same. Was a bit of a mess on the first run, got wise on the 2nd and really enjoyed it. Immeditely pulled for Monster heroes and spent ages levelling them up for run 3…


A no from me, wasn’t worth the effort, exploring the map was too time consuming, and for my alliance level of play and commitment, it doesn’t work for me. I am glad to see others do enjoy it though, but I’ll definitely be giving it a miss from here on out.

I voted yes cos I need the cardio. Trekking around the island eats up more calories. :joy:


They should award exploring points by the number of active players, rather than just a standard number per player.

We had to ask our low-interest players to open up the board for us, so those who wanted to play could use their energy doing that.

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That makes perfect sense. I request the same in Game A : they only need to donate their compasses to unlock all tiers so that active players can just ZOOM all the way (that includes me cos I have to Zoom cos I am the leader :crazy_face:). They then only need to clear 3 stages and they get to claim all the chests opened plus whatever placement loot the active players battled for.

That’s a fair trade.


I can barely remember what it was about. Exploration, chests and fights.
To be quite honest, I can live without it. But since I see so many people wanting it back, I don’t mind if it is. So no vote from me. I’d vote ‘no’ as a personal preference, but overall, it can be back for the ones that enjoy it

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What really grinds my gears is that they created families of heroes to specialise in that event and let us pull for them and burn resources levelling them, and then pulled the event with no notice at all (didnt offer tokens for stripping mats either).

Is it so hard to just be transparent about the game’s direction? Just tell us if the numbers didnt work out for you and you want to go in a different direction with the game.

After that 2nd Beta I bet they already had a good idea about whether this event would run again. But they kept quiet and basically watched people sink time and effort into levelling those heroes.

:eggplant: move.


Dawn, Maheegan, Waterpipe, Basil, Greel, Goretooth, Kuckles, Hurricane… and even the ‘average’ Monster Island heroes aren’t bad (Dabria is a lot more scary than Mother North on a defense!)

It’s not like the heroes they introduced have no other uses.