Do you use mono for raids ? Poll

I use mono if there is a tank I absolutely can’t let fire their special (see Mitsuko if I’m stacking blue) ;
I need a single hero kill to fill my raid chest and want to obliterate the tank;
They have a purple/yellow tank flanked by yellow/purple on both sides

Otherwise it’s always 3-2 for me.


I tried mono the first time: got one tile match, slow and painful death, thought you guys were trolling about mono power…then I tried it a second time and got this:

the raid lasted about 7 seconds :partying_face::smiling_imp: the hype is real, gonna go mono for the next month and see what happens


I only use mono teams to raid. Killing defending heroes in 3-5 tiles is my favorite. Raids are over fast, win or lose.

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I raid 3/2, only go mono against mono defenses.


For me, it depends on the tank. Generally talking about raiding here

Yellow tanks I usually go mono, as my purple squad is very strong, and I love when Guin dies to three tiles. I use Rigard, Tibs, Khiona, Thoth, Proteus

Some other colours I will use mono or 4-1. For example a red tank and blue hitter flank, I will take four blues and Mitsuko, she is there for the free kill of the flank if you get the timing right. And sometimes the one will be Rigard if facing a lot of burn or poison (looking at you Gravy)


I am finding with the wars that we are facing all United tank colours and all teams around 4000 and more team power

I find that with bench depth I can do two or sometimes three viable stacks of 3-2 with strong tank colour, and then probably three neutral mono attacks. Last attack is either a clean up or a tank bust, and sometimes forced to stack the off colour


see video 📌 Boolz Guide - OneClick > QuickInfo


I predominantly raid 3-2. I used to raid mono before I had a strong bench. Now I find 3-2 more effective.

I still use mono for the last 2-3 (depending on opponent tanks) flags in wars and mono or 3-2 for titans. Maybe soon 4-1 once I get Wilbur and/or Wu maxed.

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I’ve used nothing but mono teams in raid attacks for many months. Go big or go home!



I have an alliance mate who swears by mono and usually kicks my butt in AW score :smile:

When I go mono I usually end up doing worse :grimacing:. My mono hits at the end are usually just to weaken an opponent for someone else to finish off.

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Yes. I’m always matched with higher power teams. Mono is the best way to beat them.

Usually 2-2-1 or 3-2 for past few months now.
Win 90+%, either 11-1 or 10-2 without rerolls.

When I went mono, my win % was 75-80%

Emblems have ruined my ability to one shot kill an enemy with my mono teams. But, I am still getting a success rate of 85 percent. It just takes more strategy (and a little more luck). But, it is so gratifying to watch my “puny” mono team destroy a $1000 team.

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A $1000 team? Are there now price tags included?


I go 3-2 usually. I’ve gone mono but it’s very rare.

I don’t find the mono colour attacks reliable with the randomness of the boards. If you can’t recover from the tank firing his/her special, then maybe that means you haven’t chosen the right team to go to the battlefield. 3/2 - 3/1/1 and 2/2/1 are the most reliable formations

Mono can be fun but as seen by this topic they are a bit more outspoken about using it than what us others are. Solid no for me when it’s about regular raids only. Win % is 90-95% with a 2-1-1-1 team so not going to nerf myself since hopeless boards for mono will appear more often than that.

Very solid choice if you are really pressed for time and want to squeeze in some raid attack while at work or something though.

I always stack against the tank so use

But if I go up against a Guin, Kunchen or Aegir with 3+ emblems and similar flanks, I’ll go mono.

Few weaks (even months) back I did a little research myself, went 100 raids against random enemies with only mono teams. Conclusion was surprising. I won 85% percent of the matches while the losses contained losses against Gravemaker - who I normally wouldn’t go against with a mono blue (it’s unnecessary + my blue mono’s been my weakest).

If you eliminate a few special cases where u just don’t go mono, I think it’s very preferrable, fast & fun. Ofc it depends on your lineups / teams.

My little research’s worst scenarios were where I had an epic combo (7-8 and above - filled their heroes while I couldn’t cast), where the enemy had a, b, a type of 2., 3. and 4. slot defense (e.g. purple, yellow, purple) and the already mentioned Gravemaker mid caz’ in that case u don’t have time to play (create opportunities).

I’ve been playing only mono since that time. My favorite tank is Aegir where I use my miracle mono green team: Evelyn, Buddy, Gregorion, Lianna, Zeline. It’s almost always victory. :slight_smile:

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I just don’t find mono much fun for raids and I play the game for enjoyment.

With mono you win or lose based on tiles, not having the tiles leads to feelings of anger which is counter productive. Getting the right tiles does not lead to a feeling of happiness commensurate with the disappointment from too few tiles.

Titans get as much of a color stack as I can (Wu often joins so rarely do full mono) and I will run mono with the last flag or two in war if the enemy is very tough and I needed to use more of my strongest heroes earlier.

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I’m a F2P user been playing for 165 days, Level 33 I have a few 4* that are almost maxed now & one 5* that’s getting closer. Now I have only one purple 4* troop the rest are 3* level 10.

This is just my thought on color stacking and the using mono teams.

For a player like me it seems to be a waste time, Because the majority of the time the starting boards and most following boards.Either have none of the stacked color or just a few.

I then have to try and survive several empty boards till I start getting at least a few of the stack color. But usually by then most of my heros are dead.

Plus the color I’m not using will be covering the board, I’m wasting time making diamonds just to clear them all off the board hoping to get the ones I need to show up.

Now I’ve read bunches of the threads about color stacking etc. tried following their advice, But ultimately I just gave up on it. It just seemed like a waste of flags and time.

Yes once in a blue moon, I get a great starting board and blow the other team away easily. But the majority of the time it doesn’t happen.

Using a rainbow team works far better at least for me, I’ve beat teams that at least appear more powerful than mine. Where as stacking or mono I’ve lost to weaker teams, because I can’t get a shot off.

As for fighting titans, once in a while I got a little better score stacking. But most of the time my score was either only just as good as my rainbow team would have did or worse.

Maybe this strategy just works really good for players that have all the 4* & 5*'s heros/troops that are highly leveled, For lower level players not so much.

Maybe in the far future when I get a bunch of 4-5 star troops/heros, I might think different but for now…

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