Do you understand how % is applied?


If your hero does 345% damage to a single enemy what does that equate to? Feel free to use any particular example if you know how it works. I’m interested also in how defense, health, hit points and power factor into it all too!

Not knowing makes it hard to truly strategize attacks…

Thanks ahead for your input.


My understanding (and I could be COMPLETELY wrong) is that it would be 345% of their base damage. So if your hero’s base damage was 100, then the special attack would deal 345 damage.

Now, you have to take into account your troops. Do you have attack bonuses etc? Then you have to take into account the opponent’s base defense, bonuses from troops, and any buffs/debuffs.

I believe that is the theory. Now the math is another story, and you’re on your own w/ that. LOL :joy:


There is a thread with the math, but there is some hidden value that is exponential that can’t be figured out.


My understanding and what i can see with some test:
Your attack with troops boost - the defense of the opponent + %.

Attack 500
Defense 450
% 450

500 - 450 = 50 + 450% = 225 (but still to be weird, the damage usually is more then that)

But if you add the % to your base attack, every special ability will be a one shot!


Attack 500
Defense 450
% 450

450% of 500 = 2250 - 450 = 2300! But that never happens!!! (usually the damage is less then this)

Also we have to consider the elemental weak and the critical.


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