Do you think you know how to develop the game?

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I’m going to guess “2,180” is a typo for “4,180”.

Raid defenses are impossible. They’re not broken, but it’s nearly impossible to stay in to top 100. Lots more churn than there was a year ago as more and more players develop strong heroes and troops. Top 100 is not the unique province of a tiny minority.

But why do you think that’s broken? There’s a whole thread or three about this issue, e.g. Raids Suck and Quit raids completely or change the rules and Unfair raid attacks continuously. Lots more.

First, you claim that this is “broken.” It is working exactly as designed; this is not a bug, but a design decision. You disagree with it, but here you remain, working your way up,to a fairly high level. And lots more remain. I guess we find it fun being able to win tough raids. “Fixing” the raids as you seem to want means that lots more raids will fail, and people don’t like losing. Losing when I’m asleep doesn’t seem so much like losing to me.

Second, you have no idea what quality of the offensive that beat you. Player level is a poor proxy for team strength; money can buy level 30 troops and excellent heroes. Moreover, even if a level 35 player doesn’t have a deep bench, that doesn’t matter. If your defense happens to match the heroes he has, he hits “Fight” otherwise “Reroll”.

But is it your contention that all development of new content should stop until raids are changed to your satisfaction?

A suggestion: put out an unusual raid defense. Honestly, if I see an unusual defense, I might just pass it by rather than ponder what interesting offense I need—depends on my mood.


I’m sorry to tell you that most people are very satisfied. It’s just you.

The problem that weighs on the game is called stacking. He is right when he says that no game in the world allows a 30 to win a 50 or a 3200 to a 4000, he does it by stacking and this makes neither effort, nor dedication, nor strategy have any value. This game would be much better, more strategic, more intelligent and more just if the advantages of defense and stacking disappeared, then it would be necessary to demonstrate talent.


losing 2 revenge and magically winning a third is absurd, it is not that the player becomes magically good … it’s just a silly thing invented by the developers … if it loses 2 times it must also lose the third, it means that it is not strong enough! vengeance should be 1 and that’s it, or you win or lose, the fury I find it without logic

H, how simple life would be if you were right. Chess matches could be a single round. Tennis matches, one set. Sports games, one period.

@ber raises an excellent point: color-stacking makes wins against strong teams too frequent, while also increasing the variance. Suppose I bring a mono red team against yours—I will win if I can get a few red matches early. What you see with those re-rolls is likely exactly this: not enough of the strong tiles to take you put one first two rounds, but third time had enough.

But back to your main point: to my mind, raid defense is a low priority. If I lose 300 cups overnight, great, it just makes filling my here’s wanted chest that much easier. I don’t cup drop, but I don’t mind finding that I’ve been knocked down some. I’m not sure why you care so much about the computer’s AI not playing your team well.


in tennis matches as in chess games the one who is better is the winner … the winner is the stronger, the better trained … no sport wins A FORTUNA … I do not play against Agassi if I just keep a racket in my hand … I do not play against Magnus Carlsen if I’m good at chess at the oratory on Sunday … you’re saying the same thing that I say! more logical and less to sit !!!

But you and I have both seen tennis matches where someone was down 0-2 in sets and comes back to win 3-2. Are you saying that was unfair? They had been beaten twice, so surely they’re the worse player?

There’s a lot of randomness in every raid; lousy starting boards, whatever. That’s why they allow re-matches.


yes … but it can happen 1 time, maximum 2 … you can not make randomness a rule

and above all, an account is to play with a player … another his teams managed by an artificial intelligence that program a priori the win or loss before the beginning by not leaving elements to chance … we have all seen attacks do not go to good end or strange things when you have to lose … then if they want the raids are beautiful, people should not do the operating systems!


I agree that rematches are to make up for bad starting boards.

One and done

This also means if the attacker beats your defense the first time, they are not required to beat it a second or third time (1)

Escape room

Raid defense is not like tennis match, that would require live PvP ( shudder ).

Raid defense is like an escape room, if you make it too easy no one wants to play, but if you make it too hard people just stop playing.

After a few attempts players stop trying. After successfully completing players also stop. But if it is ALWAYS impossible players stop playing escape rooms / Small Giant mobile games at all.

Attacker / Live player given advantages

Niantic had to nerf Ingress A.I. defense, then two years later Pokémon GO A. I. gym defense, because some IP partners will not believe an experienced mobile MMO game studio.

Hardcore players in both games complain- BUT still keep playing- while many casual players that quit, have returned and enjoy themselves.

There are several improvements Devs could make to raids in Empires but the balance seems really good right now.


(1) This is why most regular season games are one matchup but finals are often best of X series.

Attacker advantage


Live Raids

Escape room


I think the raids are well done. When you arrive at the top, you can only go down. The higher we are, the more we attack me (once 42 attacks in less than an hour). Which seems normal to me. This is a personal opinion. De plus j,utilise les raids pour tester mes equipes de défense pour les guerres en fonction du choix de la couleur du tank.

you have to measure yourself against the person not against a computer! if you are good and get to the top you stay there … and you are beaten by another barvo … not the last arrived just because he has a lot of luck, no one faces a dragon with a slingshot just because he thinks he is lucky … the story of David and goliath is just a fairy tale … I agree with you that someone should lose and others win but it should not be a computer to decide but the skill of the player, in any sport who wins exploits an opponent’s mistake, here you play against a PC that never makes mistakes but calculates probabilities

In all the games, there is a chance factor from the moment that a data of the game is random (here the arrival of the gems on the grid). Losing 40 cups against a small team (very much lower level than my defense team, say a 3700 against a 4060) does not bother me (he is lucky) but losing a lot of cups against an opponent who is not far from the level of my defense team (say 4050 against 4030 with a loss of 30 or 40 cuts) I find it hard.

@Formicatomica ROFLMFAO!!! If you really think the computer AI doesn’t make mistakes, try watching autoplay for a while. I can detail out plenty of mistakes the AI routinely makes.

  1. Missing the opportunity to make a diamond or dragon
  2. Targeting hit-3 attacks against the wings
  3. Firing off a healer when no one is wounded
  4. Targeting a full health opponent with a sniper instead of finishing off a wounded one
  5. Firing off an AoE attack when riposte is active
  6. Firing off a diamond or dragon as soon as it’s formed instead of loading the board first
  7. Firing an AoE special when only one mob is left and there’s another wave.

I could go on, but you get the idea. I can’t even stand to watch autoplay. It makes me twitchy.


in fact, the reproduction does not have much logic … but it is made to download the energy world in a hurry while doing more … the illogical thing are the tickets … if there is automatic playback …

@Gryphonknight This deserves more than the :heart: I gave it.

You made some compelling points, and did so in style. If even 10% of forum posts were as well formatted, articulated, and referenced as yours so consistently are, the forum would be a drastically more useful resource than it already is.

This is what often strikes me the most in conversations about Raid fairness, and desires expressed to “beat other players” — there’s no actual PvP in this game.

So with the premise that we’re playing against AI with a set of rules established by the game and starting circumstances determined by another user (defense team) and RNG (tiles), there’s never equivalency between offense/defense.

To me, at least, that makes most arguments about “fairness” of being beaten on defense problematic, and probably missing the point of Raids.

Yes, lower level players will sometimes beat your defense.

Yes, teams with lower power will sometimes beat your defense.

Yes, luck will sometimes beat your defense.

Yes, more common heroes will sometimes beat your HOTM.

Yes, lower star heroes will sometimes blow your most coveted legendary hero away.

But all of this is “fair” because you can do so too.

*you/your in reference to a hypothetical player, not any particular person in this conversation

To recapitulate:

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I’m so glad to know I’m not the only one. I only autoplay when I have some other mentally intensive task to complete outside of the game, which keeps my attention away from the HIDEOUS autoplay AI.

Otherwise I mutter ugly words, grab up the phone and take over, because it’s so monumentally stupid.

As to the OP’s complaint, because of the RNG element of tile placement on each board, I’m not overly bothered by the raiding system. And I don’t mind the 3 chances on revenge. Of all of the components currently in the game, raiding is lowest on my list of revisions I’d like to see.


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