Do you think its too hard to level up heros?

I think the devs have gone overboard with how hard it is to level up heroes. First you got to be lucky enough to get these good heroes, then you need to get these special items as well.

I think the devs need to reduce the amount of rare items needed to level up 4 and 5* heroes. Its hard enough for the average person to level them up with the amount of troops needed, but then you need all these rare items and it makes it just about impossible to level them up.

Ive had Seshat since the first day it came out and im only on 3 16 with her level because i was waiting on a trap tool for ages. But then her next ascension seems way harder as i dont have alot of items needed.

I think the devs need to tone it down a bit and make it a bit easier for free to play players or those thst dont spend thousands on the game.

You shouldnt have to buy everything to enjoy the game. There is already really long wait times for everything in the game, why make us wait ages just to level a good hero up also?


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