Do you seriously think its worth posting comments or giving feedback on this forum?

Hello fellow players

As my topic title suggests, I want to keep it really clean and simple.

Do you seriously think its worth posting comments or giving feedback on this forum or even voting in the forum posts created by moderators when the staff doesn’t consider or value your opinions or feedbacks?

You can see one moderator created polls during the first round of nerf on telluria and vela and a majority players have voted against making any changes to either telluria or vela. Yet here we are in the 2nd round of nerf when this is truely what players don’t need.

I seriously would not mind it if its all done in beta(which is created for the only reason to test and give feed back on heroes) but doing nerf as and when they like it and against the feedback of majority of players its seriously a failure on part of staff and moderators.

What kind of feedback are the mods giving to staff or is it the staff turning a blind eye to the feedback on the forum? What on earth is the use of having this forum at all when you don’t want to listen to what players are saying?


Attaching here the link to the poll from first round of nerfing and its clearly evident a majority of players have voted against it(They have voted saying the nerf is either way too much or little too much for both telluria and vela nerf)

Everyone is right
Everyone is informed
Everyone is one of the good guys


Which makes everyone else wrong, stupid
and these days… evil.

But I agree with those evil doers
that this is a problem:

And the wheels on the bus go round and round and


what does your reply got to do anything with my post?

Please keep replies in this topic straight to the point with out any mumbo jumbo.

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The only way they would listen to you is if you told the devs what’s on your mind with a signed blank check.


Having data might help too. Certainly more than just opinions and a whole lotta mumbo jumbo

But even if we all build spreadsheets
Would we all be right?

These threads do tend to be more like trenches where players of different opinions,
lob grenades at one another

And SG still does what they want.

But at least you get to voice your opinion? And push heart buttons. And feel better about yourself after pulling the pin and letting one fly

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I pulled the pin and tried to throw it but it landed in my own trench somehow. :unamused:

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Not when they just ignore posts and do whatever they want regardless of players feedback. You just can’t keep nerfing heroes not once but twice thrice just because many top players are using them. First it makes everyone lose trust on the Game developers and it makes SG lose its credibility.

Lets not forget that this game is running and staff are getting paid because of players who spend on the game. They were able to get their salaries in time regardless of current situation due to pandemic. Atleast have a little concern for those players who made this possible.


Rachel let me make it very clear. I’m not talking about feedback that other players give you on improving your teams/discussing game strategies here.

I AM TALKING ABOUT FEEDBACK THAT PLAYERS ARE GIVING TO GAME STAFF/SUPPORT regd Game functioning i.e. their so called act of balance i.e the nerf that they are actually doing.

Words to live by
No stop doing that! You’ll go blind…

There are examples for implementations of forum suggested things as well as changes that were made against the majority here.

Whatever, you can never please everyone and sometimes decisions have to be made based on data and not to satisfy about 200 active forum users, who are probably not the majority of players.


Ofcourse I will keep fighting for my cause and will wait…until I’m heard by the Staff.
ofcourse I am going to wait…until Support staff keep considering/taking players feedback seriously and not do what they want in the end.
ofcourse I am going to wait…until the game managers stop being dictators who do whatever they want.

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I agree you can’t please everyone but you have to do what majority of players thinks and believes in. 2/3 majority is definitely a worth considering. Otherwise it defeats the whole purpose of collecting feedback from players or asking them to comment on a particular topic. That exactly why this post is made.

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I feel the same. Or at least I used too.
I still care just…less

I guess, welcome to the debate! And a whole planet full of people who are all one of the good guys!


Are you not conveniently forgetting the plethora of forum posts about Telluria being OP and requesting for a nerf? I would bet that poll or no poll, there have been more individual posts about nerfing her than there have been about not nerfing her

Sure there may be many posts asking for a nerf and equally same number of post asking not to but as you can see from the poll above majority of players don’t want a nerf. That’s in fact the first nerf that SG did despite the feedback given by the majority of players.

Now they did a second nerf and many don’t want a (first) nerf at all. What in the world is wrong with the SG staff. Are they blind and can’t see those post/poll results or that they just don’t care and wanted to ignore all the feedback which if is the actual case, better don’t ask for any feedback on the game at all because you are going to do whatever you want regardless of what we say.

You are assuming that “the majority” are represented in this specific polls, which is inaccurate.

As I said, there were a (large) number of posts with a lot of voices asking for the first nerf, and subsequent nerfs when it looked like very little had changed in the GTV landscape. It seems to me that SG has listened to all those people that have complained about a broken raid and war landscape, and the voices of the beta testers (albeit very late) and have attempted to address the issues, arguably not too succesfully.

In addition to that, who is to say what fraction of the player base is represented by the forums, and where they sit in game maturity? There have (likely) been other sources that SG has looked at in order to try to gauge the player community.

SG may not listen to much of what comes out in the forums but in this case it seems clear that they have attempted to reciify something which they have determined is an issue with the majority of the player base, or at least the player base that they care about. They would not have done this otherwise as they stand to gain nothing from doing so, and in fact risk a lot.

So in reality your complaint is not that SG didn’t listen to the players, because they did. Your complaint is about the fact that the nerfing happened at all, at the behest of the player base

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I’m not talking about it. Whatever I am saying is clearly evident in polls provided above. Even if you make a poll now people will say its a over nerf for Vela. Just because some players have an issue with fighting heros, nerfing each and every common hero that seen in top 100 players on raids is not a solution.

In case you want to learn about tactics on how to handle telluria vela and grave maker combos make a topic and ask the experts for better ways to take it down rather than calling nerf for each and every commonly used hero by top 100 raid players.

If this forum is not for the purpose of giving players feedback about game to the developers then better state so clearly in the forum description like you want hero skills to read exactly what it does.

You assume that 2/3 of players are active on this forum…which is not the case.

This forum is one indicator of player sentiment. To get a holistic view I would expect that devs check in game chats, FB groups and store ratings as well.

I have seen suggestions made in this forum implemented…and consider it useful from that perspective. I am also interested in what the other players think…

But, it is still only source of player sentiment among many…