Do you say Dark/Holy/Ice/Nature/Fire or Purple/Yellow/Blue/Green/Red?

  • Dark / Holy / Ice / Nature / Fire
  • Purple / Yellow / Blue / Green / Red
  • Both, I don’t care.
  • Other

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This is a serious poll. Do you call the Heroes and monsters by their Element, or by their color?

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I use both pretty interchangeably but consider the element name to be more formal than the color. So for guides I would tend to use the name, and informal discussion use the color.


I just say the color but I don’t really care, it’s easy to figure out what’s what if someone uses the element instead.

Being that I’m rather heavily involved in the wiki, I have tried to force myself to use the element description (holy, dark, etc) so as to stay as true to the in-game nomenclature… but yeah. It’s hard. Probably half the time I refer to heroes in the regular course of things it’s by color, the other half it’s by element.

I record my titan hits, too, and am constantly self-correcting while recording. Correcting from the color to the element. It’s just far more natural to refer to the color.

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Usually type whatever is shorter. Red instead of fire, dark over purple, holy over yellow, green.

For ice or blue… Both as short

I wonder what “other” stands for.


Maybe this…

…but with 5 colors?

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