Do you really like living or dying by RNG?

So your issue is not with E&P, but the fundamental core mechanic of RPGs (dating back to D&D board games, warhammer etc. as well as computer games) which is RNG?

I played through Pool of radiance a few times, the first when I was something like 12?14? One of my favourite games of all times. With a game with fights which are entirely strategic there i no way of implementing a mechanism which doesn’t have a heavy RNG influence without making it boring (i.e. an outcome which is a known win or a known loss). Yes I would lose fights and reload multiple times, but that is part and parcel of the experience.

I personally find :point_up_2:backwards

The more this game gravitates towards:


The less strategic and more boring it becomes…

Chess…on the other hand, are fights which are entirely strategic by implementing a mechanism which doesn’t rely on any RnG whatsoever…

Even vs a computer. If there is a calculation in the algorithm, then it is NOT a random move…

In this thread, the existence is not in question. The effectiveness is…

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I wonder … how would you implement a match-3 style adventure game such as E&P without RNG?

No idea.

But the pendulum can swing away from slots and back to gameplay:

with Balance

The biggest strategy I see currently is too purchase more options for mitigating the RnG, with your own creeps


BlackZed, seems your info is slightly flawed. In 2020 E&p received a 22milliom earn out, this year in May they received a second one - worth 240million which means apparently that E&P acquisition price is currently 922 million - well on it’s way to 1billion. -dont know where you got your info from. things like Telluria might make a splash in the forum, in the greater scheme of things it’s irrelevant.

“Catholic nuns on steroids with razors in their rulers”
Sound like you had a “normal” catholic school experience a few years ago!
(Sorry for being off topic but I couldn’t resist the visual!)

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Haha, Normal…

I feel like an alien these days
Ache for yesterday
Weep for the present
And fear for tomorrow

Discreetly off-topic offenders are often the better part of valor in this neck of the woods!

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Well, if you’re going to bring up randomness from other games, you’ve never played X-Com or any of the sequels/versions. “What do you mean I missed 4 times in a row at 95% chance of hitting at point blank range”.

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Purchase 560m
First payment in May 2020 was 122m (covers period 1/2/19-31/1/20)
Second 240m in May 2021 (covers period 1/2/20 to 31/1/21)
Total 922m

Balance Third payment due Q1 2022
Payout based on multiples of EBITDA

Does that make it clearer for you?

BlackZed, the first one was an agreed payment, the second went above it, and so will the third. Sounds like a very successful company (as confirmed by Zynga). Does that make it clearer for you? Maybe you can explain something else : Why do you prefer to see E&P as a failing company?

My issue is with poor game design, that forces you into a situation where a bad RNG roll means instant loss and there is no way of preventing that (vide board full of blue tiles in a no blue tournament, there is no way of winning that no matter what you do).

Heavy RNG influence is totally okay, as long as these basic conditions are met:

  1. If player’s characters are sufficiently strong (experienced), have proper skills, equipment etc., there should always be at least one (possibly more) guaranteed way to get through a fight even if the worst possible RNG rolls happen. Everything else may or may not work depending on those RNG rolls or other factors.

  2. There is a way for player to meet the demands from 1) without relying on save scumming.

This doesn’t have to be boring or predictable. You will need to analyze which fights you can pick and which you should avoid. Once you get into a fight - which opponents to attack first, what items and spells to use etc. If the game has dozens of different spells, weapons, abilities and creatures, it will still be very challenging. And when you make a bad decision, a lucky RNG roll can still save you. However you should never be forced into a hopeless situation.


Hmm, a match-3 game is, by its very nature, RNG-based. I don’t see how you remove the RNG without removing the match-3 mechanism.

Ah, the joys of getting crit through full cover by a random sectoid.

I do object to having RNG rob me of results when I do hit, though.
Ninja family bonus can heck right off with those random tile dodges. At least cast a special to deserve that.


Lol I didn’t say that SGG or EP is failing. EP is considered old by gaming standards, as such it is nearer to the end of its game life cycle. How long it will survive is anybody’s guess.

If regulations change in the EU to outlaw Gacha games, excluding those countries that already outlaw this type of game, then the remaining life will shorten somewhat. Maybe other regions will follow suit.

The first payment outside of the 560m was based on multiples of EBITDA for the period 1/2/19-31/1/20. It is not “fixed”.

The 3rd payment should be another whopper going by the slew of new heroes released and to be released during the period from 1/2/21 to 31/1/22.

Not possible. Need RNG. But perhaps not as much ? For a more enjoyable gaming experience ?



Kaboom 20 characters


Fight the fire with moolah
Burn your money :joy:


Next year the creeps will be stronger:

If you keep shoveling, you will minimize bad RnG with more desirable
And… somewhat more powerful options!.
Just wait for MT. Somewhat will be the punchline…

Keep shoveling

:point_up_2: Solid words!

I believe this whole thread… is actually addressing the paywall.
New costumes and the aether shop will finish the moat

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I believe this is all dependent on your expectations. I do not spend and I do not expect to be at the top of the heap. The game serves as a way to divert me from RL for a couple hours a day and that it does quite well, better than most other games I have tried (except possibly killer sudoku). As long as I am making some little progress …

Now if I was expecting to reach the top of the heap I would have quit long ago in frustration. Whether I was spending or not.


Can appreciate that is frustrating but surely the disadvantage of blue tile applies to both sides? Or as a newbie am I missing something?

And the randomness of the tiles works both ways. It feels unfair when you have a run of bad tiles and loses, but we sometimes overlook the run of good tiles that gave us those wins.

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