Do you really like living or dying by RNG?

Punctuation and paragraphs are a thing. Regardless of whether english is your first language or not, everyone is capable of this and it will make your message clearer to understand.

Oh, and for the record, boards are neutral and most things are not impossible to win as long as the rosters are in the general ballpark of each other.


I am a payer, but I play against a field of people who mostly pay more than me, probably a lot more than me. And this is my war record. Trust me, if you play smart you can win regardless of your roster. It is your choice though if you want to play smarter or if you want to complain and lash out.


Dear @Yhc , even the good old D&D Boardgames of the 80s, which can bee seen as ancestors to games like this, had an RNG element, called a dice.
The question is, do we have to much of rng and too few skills and strategy?
Every player has to answer this question for him-/ herself. I have no problem with proper rng, but if a fighter, who has a 33% probability to resurrect does this five times in a row, and dies only after applying his crippling special, and after loosing the same happens in two consecutive revenge raids, then I smell bad ( or lazy) coding.
The same is with Alby and MN, they revive much more than described on their cards.
Alby for example should have a Chance of 33% of reving a dead hero. If there are three dead heroes, he should revive an average of one dead hero. Often he revived nobody and then every dead hero. Looks like same lazy all- or nothing coding for me. Because Alby is slow and often fires only after some heroes are dead, this behaviour leads to higher per dead hero revive rates.
To make it short, I have nothing against an elenent of rng but they should not overdue it and should stick to the published probabilities.
Happy gaming


First i doubt you are payer probably Admin to add some positive comment against millions of negative and they not paying enough i am sure second let me tell you something junior 4 months not single coin from Valhalla event and they think i gonna pay for 100 coins and what get Graymane again? Keep giving me nuts or dragon bones i dont need bones i need coins its so miserable and disaster they can increase the chance for Winning 5* hero from miserable 1% to 3% at least for season 2 and 3 at least for 4* heroes. Impossible to win solid heroes from events maybe sometimes 3* heroes which the chance to win them is 59% but keeps giving me Graymane but change was made this days i getting Carver 4 times in a row from TC to be precise!

P2P will win it.

There are thousands of alliances. But war strategy is not so numerous.

Anyone seeking internet validation by bragging about their war record is extraordinarily unlikely to be the person tasked with continually attacking the enemy’s strongest targets.

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First, my point about punctuation and paragraphs still applies.

Secondly, yes you have clearly done your research and due diligence and so have identified me as a game mod. I have identified your account details and you wlil be punished accordingly in-game for complaining and bad grammar. “Junior”.

Thirdly, this thread doesn’t really have anything to do with pulling chances. They are what they are, and yes they are low. But not what this topic about.


Thanks for adding more baseless inaccuracies. The record shows that it is possible to get consistent war scores despite board and other RNG influences, against defenses that are significantly stronger than your attacking teams. And at my level there are no “weak” enemies, all are 4700TP+. Of those I take on the full range of weakest, mid-level and strongest enemies, as the need arises

Thanks for contiibuting a net negative with your post.


If there are 3 dead heroes, the probability that Alby will revive:
0 hero is 3C0 × 0.33^0 × 0.67^3 = 29.6%
1 hero is 3C1 × 0.33^1 × 0.67^2 = 44.5%
2 heroes is 3C2 × 0.33^2 × 0.67^1 = 22.2%
3 heroes is 3C3 × 0.33^3 × 0.67^0 = 3.7%

Hey that probability is greater than the probability you get a 5*.

I am not lucky enough to have seen Alby revive all 3 of my opponents though. If it is MN, I have seen it as the probability for MN reviving all 3 dead heroes is 12.5%.


Only level 50 after 2 years? That is very slow… When is the first time you can use TC20? 6 months since playing? How many TC20 did you use?

For comparison, I have reach level 70 after 2 years (F2P). I start using TC20 6 months since first time playing.

A mercy system would go a long way!
But I fear that would encourage amplified creeps. Also… who would benefit most:
Those who save 6 months for a 10 pull?
Or those who make 300 pulls each event?

Lots of QoL have been neglected.

The RnG is much easier to navigate when you have the creeps on offense.
I was there for a while.
I’ve not pulled a single 5* in a year’s time after suspending my contributions upon realizing the decay within my roster,
over time…

The decision to quit is inevitable for everyone.

Debating a return towards the mono direction in order to compensate for the strength and speed of my enemies, is bringing the ? for that decision onto center stage for me as well.

I’m not inclined to exchange strategy for luck. But nowadays, I find strategy under the influence of RnG a bit more overwhelming than the previous year


I don’t mind the randomness inside the gameplay.

Not knowing whether the opponent will dodge, a fighter revive, my blinded hero will manage to hit when I need him to because if I try to hold off my team is dead, whether Alfrike will hit all my heroes or just some.

In a life where we attempt to control outcomes, and in my job where I am tasked with analysing data and advising on likely outcomes I find it therapeutic to let go, put myself in the hands of RNG and just go with it. It actually relaxes me (I know I’m weird)


RNG is inherent for this game, but I do agree that some layers recently introduced are quite grating.

Boards are the unavoidable level of RNG.
Critical chance is an acceptable level.
Blind miss chance is on the verge of turning the entire fight into a series of coinflips, but at least it’s acceptable in that it’s bound to specific specials and heroes, and lasts a short while.

Class talents are the first major offender that makes you feel like it’s out of your hands, with rogues dodging a series of snipes and warriors just refusing to go down 6 times in a row until they ruin you with a special. There could be much better options for class talents that don’t involve random elements, such as warriors having a single use “cheat death” mechanic or rogues getting a status effect that lets them dodge the next hit on a certain condition - something you can see clearly and manage instead of hoping it doesn’t proc.

Ninja family bonus is an outrageous example, because they begin to dodge TILE DAMAGE - something that was previously a failsafe way to guarantee damage was being done. Not only that, but the family bonus dodge also avoids status effects from specials unlike rogue dodge. This is something that definitely needs a rework to reduce frustration while keeping the power levels.

Slayers are kind of ok in this regard, aside from being scummy by insisting you splurge and pull three of them for the guaranteed benefit, but the further we go, the more I see RNG on top of RNG, like “these hits have a 50% accuracy” on hero specials. This is something I would want to avoid explicitly.


I feel we just keep going round in circles lol the game is what it is you don’t like it play els where or just deal with it.

Game was built to make money so if you want the best out of it get spending if you don’t hav the cash to then find away to enjoy it. And if you can’t do the 2 above why stay?

The game will not change for you.

RNG is placed so everyone will experience the highs and lows of the game making it fair for all.

If this was a skilled game there would be a big gap between the best and worst players witch could end up making SG less money because those that can’t play right would leave because no one likes to be a loser all the time. RNG is here so even the weak can win keeping them playing.

Iv had my fair share of vents on this game but what I learnt is you need to just deal with it and make it fun for your self in your own way spend or not, bad or good borads, bad or good pulls it’s the same for everyone.

The only thing that annoyed me the most on this game was the telluria a vela nerf but hay ho I had to deal with it lol.


My point isn’t that I want to fundamentally change how the game works.

My point is that I want less RNG-based feast or famine things, like all new heroes being a version of Danzaburo.


I hate to tell you, but most all games have RNG involved in their games. Some worse than others. I play an online multi-player pvp game, the forums are full of posts complaining about RNG. The one thing going for that game, I can buy the new hero eventually, in this case a ‘tank’.

If anyone thinks this is anything but a gambling game, they should open their eyes.

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As I think more about it empires and puzzles has a good amount of random number.

I compare it to sports games I play. In hockey games, about half of my games are decided by one goal which means random number affects a good number of games. In comparison, there’s so much scoring in basketball games that any one five or ten random numbers affecting makes and misses doesn’t fully decide the game. For this reason I enjoy basketball video games more.

You’re missing the point. Yes, this is a gambling game, gambling drives the profits. It’s heavily based on RNG.

But lately there’s been an uptick in RNG that brings zero profits - design decisions that are widely hated and could easily be reversed and/or never done again without any tangible investment.

Everyone hates Danzaburo, most people likely hate the heroes that passively have a 50% chance to miss. They’re counterproductive.
We have the full right to provide feedback on this, no need for the defeatist attitude.


OK I get what your saying but no matter how many issues this game has SG will not change a thing unless its something to do with making them money.

Everyone entitled to there opinion on what ever it is but being on here and seen the amount of issues players say nothing really ever changes unless it’s a bug or someone’s found a way to cheat or something they done wrong like hamgate. so I find it a waste of time bringing issues up with the game just makes it more frustrating when you don’t get the answer you want .

It is the way it is and we hav the choice either to except it or jog on. That’s the choices SG gives us I think.

Everything they do is a way to bring more cash in hence you need 3 slayers to get the benefits but u hav to spend spend spend to get pass RNG to grab those hero’s. Plus everything els.


There will obviously always be an element of randomness in a match 3 game, but I agree that adding mechanics that increases the prevalence of RNG is bad design. For instance, unpopular opinion: I hate talents. Losing a battle because a hero revives or dodges 7 times in a row is just stupid.

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