Do you really like living or dying by RNG?

Ah, the joys of getting crit through full cover by a random sectoid.

I do object to having RNG rob me of results when I do hit, though.
Ninja family bonus can heck right off with those random tile dodges. At least cast a special to deserve that.


Lol I didn’t say that SGG or EP is failing. EP is considered old by gaming standards, as such it is nearer to the end of its game life cycle. How long it will survive is anybody’s guess.

If regulations change in the EU to outlaw Gacha games, excluding those countries that already outlaw this type of game, then the remaining life will shorten somewhat. Maybe other regions will follow suit.

The first payment outside of the 560m was based on multiples of EBITDA for the period 1/2/19-31/1/20. It is not “fixed”.

The 3rd payment should be another whopper going by the slew of new heroes released and to be released during the period from 1/2/21 to 31/1/22.

Not possible. Need RNG. But perhaps not as much ? For a more enjoyable gaming experience ?


Kaboom 20 characters


Fight the fire with moolah
Burn your money :joy:


Next year the creeps will be stronger:

If you keep shoveling, you will minimize bad RnG with more desirable
And… somewhat more powerful options!.
Just wait for MT. Somewhat will be the punchline…

Keep shoveling

:point_up_2: Solid words!

I believe this whole thread… is actually addressing the paywall.
New costumes and the aether shop will finish the moat

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I believe this is all dependent on your expectations. I do not spend and I do not expect to be at the top of the heap. The game serves as a way to divert me from RL for a couple hours a day and that it does quite well, better than most other games I have tried (except possibly killer sudoku). As long as I am making some little progress …

Now if I was expecting to reach the top of the heap I would have quit long ago in frustration. Whether I was spending or not.


Can appreciate that is frustrating but surely the disadvantage of blue tile applies to both sides? Or as a newbie am I missing something?

And the randomness of the tiles works both ways. It feels unfair when you have a run of bad tiles and loses, but we sometimes overlook the run of good tiles that gave us those wins.

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Good players don’t need those.
The two things don’t even out because a good player will win anything that is average or better.
But the are certain boards no player can win and, to balance those, you would need to get more than a win from a very good board.
Which is not gonna happen.

Why exactly? The boards that I cannot win at all are not all that common, and a good player winning more than their share of average boards already balances that.

Because previous poster said something in the tune of “good luck and bad luck even out”.
They might in terms of tiles (they don’t because of starting boards constraints), but they don’t even out in terms of result.

For boards to even out you should have p(losing)=p(2 wins with one energy)
so that if you play “on par” you get your 25 wins irrelevant of luck because luck evens out: you get an awful board you get 0 wins, you get a very good board you get 2 wins :woman_shrugging:t3:

That’s not how it works so if you get 1, 2, 3 unwinnable boards in a tournament you gotta suck it up and there’s no way to even them out.

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Aah, so by “even out” you mean win every match.

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By even out i mean that the effects of one side of the bell even out - weird, uh? - the effects of the other side.

The concept of evening out luck was brought in by other posters, not by me, as I believe it to be utter nonsense in a context where great luck is irrelevant while bad luck is relevant.

Sometimes the bad luck is irrelevant - where you can still win with strategic play.

Sometimes the good luck is relevant - where you win despite making some errors in team configuration/strategy.

The luck does even out. The differentiator is how you utilise that good luck/mitigate the bad luck

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The existence of a single board that makes a game unwinnable renders luck uneven.
Bringing in players’ error to prove it evens out is unfair: if you make mistakes you deserve to lose and, as I’ve always said, you should lose.
I’ve always applied my statement to good players.

Good players do make errors, but not catastrophic errors.
Good players will be a lot more often in situations where they have to wonder what RNGesus sends their way rather than situations they have actually made a mistake.

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How so? Some unwinnable games can be won by a lucky cascade, does that not even it out?

With today’s defenses all it takes is one error to turn a win into a loss. And if you record and watch your videos you will see that you make errors - most likely multiple errors - in each and every one of your raids. Regardless of whether you consider yourself good or not.

I counter that and say good players will find ways of taking luck out of the equation - namely, eliminating color stacking wherever possible. 95% of raids that I lose I lose because I have not configured teams optimally or have not played optimally. I no longer have the luxury of blaming “bad boards” because I have almost completely removed that concept from my gameplay. And that is a choice that we all have. Stop stacking if you don’t want to have such a heavy dependence on the board.

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Depends on the definition of unwinnable.
Mine retains that unwinnable games can’t be won.

Today’s defenses is yet another hypothesis you apply.
But you are still playing with definitions: an error that costs you a match (and by this I mean an error that predictably will cost you the match at the time you are making it and not a move that will cost you the match as the resulting state of it) is a catastrophic error.
Good players should do those very close to never.

And yet another hypothesis you make: stacking.
But boards are evil in so many other ways, not enough tiles for your healers to fire, for instance.
How do you lose the remaining 5% of the games you lose?

If you consider enough restrictions of the problem you could even end up being right :woman_shrugging:t3:

We are venturing into the territory where a perfect player will still lose some (why on earth?) but luck evens out because we make mistakes, so the better you play the more unjust the system is.
It’s taking time, but we are getting to the point.

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That is not at all how I read 1x bad must be balanced by 2x good. That isn’t balanced. That IS a win every energy, which is what I said.

Even out – the bad boards where I cannot win no matter what I do are balanced by the great boards that I cannot lose no matter what I do. And this is what I experience.

The rest (the majority) of the boards are the average ones where what I do does affect the outcome.

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For sure the better set up/team should beat the averages in the main, but that’s not to say it’s a foregone conclusion. The randomness becomes more acute the better you are as there are more players who usually you can win against. ( If you’re number one everyone can potentially be a lucky winner against you.)

Yes. That’s the best part of it.

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