Do you really like living or dying by RNG?

So, for the waytoomuchth time I’ve been slayed in the tournament by RNG thanks to a chain of events that had 2.56% chances to happen.

This is not about the RNG output.
This is about its need in the game.
Do you actually like the mere possibility of such events?
Are you as disgusted as I am by the fact that a single diceroll can take away all your strategy and board manipulation skills by cancelling thousands of damage, buffs and debuffs?

I tell you.
When I will quit it will be because of random (way too much and way too impacting) and the baroque training system.

Less random = more strategy
Less random = more depth analysis on moves and skills usage
Less random = less RNG ranting

In the end it’s just a shame that there’s so much random in what defines itself as a strategy game.



EP is a match3 game wrapped in some interesting realm building and card collecting. But at its heart it’s still… a match3 game.

Expecting it to be something it’s not seems like a short road to disappointment.

I’m sure there are all-strategy games out there. I just don’t want to think that hard :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Strange objection as proper match-3 only have 1 element of randomization: tiles.
Here you have tiles, ailments, family bonuses and talents all of which can affect your single move.


I get it though.

Maneuverability and strategy used to be applicable to bad boards. Thinking which enemies to charge, thinking which teams to assemble. There was time to work boards.

The punishment is more severe now!
Ergo… your time is lessened
And the "niche" is expanded…
So that the counters must be purchased…

So… RnG can seem hopeless
More often in supercreep era

But… they make it easier up top!
And drop the defense boost :joy:
The higher you climb the easier it gets :roll_eyes:

How comical will it be,
When they give 20% stat boost to attacking team…


How many times does RNG work in your favor, yet you fail to remember it? It’s easy to remember getting hosed by randomness, and much easier to forget when it works out for you.

As an example, folks who play mono teams should get 20% decent tiles - yet sometimes it’s many more. 80% should be a disappointment on average. Yet folks still roll the mono dice…


:point_up_2:isn’t this also the point?
“Living” by luck?

I don’t read a challenge that it’s rigged,
But that strategy, which still exists, is slipping further to luck. Which also… definitely exists!

I get where @Yhc is coming from.
But I can also see some incoming responses for those spending fortunes are still deeply involved with strategy and win 85% of their matches, with their triple dupe blahblablas


This is not about perception bias.
Anyway I think random is :poop: both ways.

Decent players don’t need to have random on their side to win.
Good random = I would have won anyways
Bad random = I can be doomed irrelevant of how well I play
So, please, let’s cut this “random works both ways” argument because it’s not symmetric in any measure.

Let’s try to stay on topic: do you like the fact that a passive skill like dodge or avoid can take a 10 tile charge skill off the table passively?


Mono users love living and dying by RNG.


I would say that applies to tiles.
Dunno about all the rest, especially when your share of good tiles has been provided and fizzled by - let’s say - talents.

I distinguish tiles from the rest because tiles RNG is needed. Not so much the case for other instances.

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Accurate, and gave me a genuine laugh out loud!

I’ve had some hideous rainbow boards.
One 3 connect after another.
Beautiful cascades at the end, that charge the whole enemy team and consequently wipe me afterwards :face_with_spiral_eyes:

Lately… it seems the matches are over much faster than they used to be. Charging the top 100 has tons of defenses that punish bad boards like catholic nuns on steroids with razor blades taped to their rulers

My gut tells me… that I need to start gravitating away from rainbow,
back to 3-2…
Which translates in my head as:
gravitate away from strategy…
Back to luck


I wouldn’t say exactly that I like all the RNG - actually I probably also think there is a bit too much. But I wouldn’t say its straying further from strategy, it is just requiring you to incorporate different strategies. It requires more intimate knowledge of the chances of various things happening, and then deciding based on your hero health/opponent mana/board configuration/other factors which is the optimal path to take in regards to triggering your specials or waiting or carrying out some other course of action. Probably in the end it requires more strategy, but all the strategies carry a level of risk which is influenced by RNG


Still… you can take the best decision and be forked up by the 2.56% chance of the worst case happening.
When we talk about special skills it’s not like considerations on averages apply: getting the roll or not getting it has such an impact that it literally decides encounters.

Isn’t this just like real life? The best laid plans can gp wrong because of an unlikely freak occurrence? That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t make those plans and that they won’t work most of the time. It makes it more interesting if there is something outside of our control. But again - I don’t necessarily disagree with you in regards to the scale of these factors


My real life job is literally bringing everything under control :thinking:


So you should know that that is literally impossible…


It depends on the definition of control.
By control you mean that you can manipulate it directly, I mean that by applying a well thought sequence of moves you can get to the wanted outcome.
That is far from a given in E&P, both for the amount of random and the order of magnitude of its effects.
If that was the case for - let’s say - dams we would have much less players from the Netherlands.

Pure skill would be chess
Pure luck is shoots and ladders

I certainly don’t want either of those. Question is where do we want that midpoint.

Random is inherently fair but unequal. I’m good with it.


The pendulum is swinging
And will gain momentum when the magic heroes arrive…

Plenty of patient LB still waiting for those. To remove your chess game and put you in a chute…

I am not sure why you are surprised or bemoaning this aspect of the game.

This game is defined by RNG in most aspects, except for guaranteed areas including offers, certain loot, ability to choose your preferred attack n defence teams (based on what RNG decided to award you with).

Match 3 game = tiles/boards are “random”. It is what it is. That’s why odds of winning a match does depend on a decent opening board, notice I didn’t say “good”.

Some like this gambling aspect. Some don’t. If it frustrates you beyond your base line, well there are always other options to spend your free time.


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