Do you pay 75 gems to continue Raid Tournaments?

  • Always
  • Sometimes
  • Never

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I’ve never done it so I’d like to know if you get one more life or all your losses wiped so 4 more lives and can you do it more than once in the same tournament?


For me it’s a sometimes…

I’ll buy-back-in if I am in top 5% & knocked out on day 4…

Any other condition and it’s a nope :slight_smile:

  • Get knocked out on day 1, 2 or 3 and I know its just not my tournament…
  • Get knocked out on Day 5, I usually am high enough placed to still get top 1% (5% at worst)

To answer this question:

  1. You get all your STRIKES removed. You still have the losses in your history but you get an additional 4 strikes
  2. Yes you can buy-back-in multiple times I believe… why someone would do that I don’t know… but I’m sure someone has…

I know there’s the possibilty of making it through all 5 days and not having to continue but I can barely conceive there are people out there for whom that’s a reality. This is the first time I’ve made it to Day 5 although I missed three attacks on day two. I’ve had one life left for two days - fingers crossed I can win 5 more times.


I usually last to the 5th day & manage to complete it too…

If I do get knocked out its usually on Day 4. There’s only been one time when I got kicked out earlier and I just resigned myself to that being it :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve continued once, and it’s purely because of Valor. The current belief is you will need to average 15 per tournament and I was short.

I’m at 20 now, so hopefully will be able to avoid doing so in at least one in the future.

I generally don’t do great in tournaments; top 25% or 50% usually. I think I managed too 10% once but that was a total fluke!


I continue only if I am sitting in high spot, and it past the third day. If I’m 25% or lower, I write it off as a loss. There’ve been a few times I continued when I was top 10% and actually finished in top 1%.

Also, it depends on how many gems I have and if I want to throw them away on a chance at more losses.

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There were only 1 or 2 tournaments where I didn’t, but the loot was worth it almost every time.


I don’t emblem a lot especially for 3* tourneys and usually get knocked out by the end of third day…

Sometimes earlier for 5* tourneys

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That’s what I’m wondering - is it worth it?

I make around 15 gems per day so I suppose I could but I’d have none left over for summons so not sure it’s a good idea.

I buy a continue if my defense has been rated A over the first three days of the tournament. Have done so on two occasions and finished Top 1*.


If it’s for valor I think it’s better to wait to see how you perform in other tournaments. It’s too early to spend gems to complete a quest.

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Similar to others I sometimes use gems for a continue if I think that gives me a decent chance to finish in the top 1%, or top 5% at least. Sometimes it’s on day 3 but day 4 is probably most common, maybe day 5 on rare occasions.

Unless you’re F2P or very close to it, I think it makes sense considering how much the offers with emblems usually cost - 75 gems is a bargain in comparison if you can get 20+ emblems in return by reaching those top rankings (could of course be fewer, but even 10 are well worth 75 gems compared to those offers). And you could get lucky and get an ascension mat also.

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I was initially vehemently opposed to using Continues on Raid Tournaments, as a matter of principle because of the loot reduction.

Eventually I did start using them in some Raid Tournaments — but not because of the loot, or getting into the Top 1%.

Instead, I started doing it in Tournaments that I enjoyed, particularly 3* (including this one), because they offer fun variety vs. the regular grind of Raids.

I do suspect that many players, myself included, are also going to feel some added pressure to use Continues because of Path of Valor.

Particularly where we don’t yet know exactly how many Raid Tournament Attacks are required for that Valor Challenge, there’s some added incentive to Continue in Tournaments that are fun or worthwhile, to balance out with ones where we’re eliminated early and don’t want to use a Continue.


to be honest i’d rather use my gems for pulls. :grin:

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For the most part I only need to use it once every tournament but I am aiming to get to the point where I do not have to use the continue at all and make it through all 25 matches. I also play across three profiles so the play style on each of them is quite different from one another for the most part. Like my main is all hitters, 1st alt is healer heavy, and 2nd alt revolves around Shrubbear and Wu Kong.

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