Do you love war or not and why!

I want to start this thread because it’s the new year and I am curious to how other players feel about war. For me personally it is my favorite part of the game and I wish one war would start 10 minutes after the last one ended.( of course I am being facetious)There are multiple reasons why I love war. First off it has pushed me to have six decent teams and to accomplish this one needs goals and goals feed my competitive nature. The next thing I like about war is that even if overmatched by team power it gives you the ability to study the opponent and utilize even weaker players to sometimes have an epic victory in battle. Of course there are the times the tiles go against you and a battle you think you will easily win ends up humbling me and I personally enjoyed being humbled because it brings me down to earth. I like the conversation with my alliance members on our strategy as it invigorates the mind after farming for a couple of hours. We have a fair record and I know there are a lot of complaint threads about matchmaking but such is life.It Will never be perfect but I believe the developers have greatly improved the matchmaking. Hopefully in the new year any War enhancements are going to allow me to enjoy it that much more. So this is my take on war. And most of all let’s keep this thread positive but I am excited to hear other players opinions about war battles😎


I like wars beacuse after 11 months of playing I finally have 30 (and some more :wink:) ascended heroes. I know its really simple reason but I want share :relaxed:


I like the wars whenever I’m in an alliance that cooperates and coordinates. When wars were first introduced, the alliance I was in was absolute garbage when it came to strategizing.


I like wars because they are a challenge and I like to develop startegies.

The thing I dont like about war is that as an alliance leader I heve to keep my troops all together and from time to time have to boot someone because of multiple no shows. :unamused:


I love war!!

Every fight I am


I’d love more strategic options and formations

We often have wins in the final hour of the war and everyone who’s online is cheering on every hit :grinning::crossed_swords:


Same here. We have too many alliance members who don’t use all their attacks. It’s demotivating and makes it not fun when you lose by 50 points and there are 50 attacks remaining on your team.


I’m just glad to have you on the team

And yes war is the best 2 days of the week!! Period.


Looking for a new team?

Line id = jrigs

Always welcoming new additions :wink:

Oh and i love war due to the camaraderie and team work

We won our last war by 2 points

Our weakest member was the only one left with flags and was feeling inconfident

Her last 2 flags=

1 shotted a 3900 tp using 3400tp putting us 1 point behind
Last she scored 3 points on the toughest team putting us ahead by 2

I whooed so loud my dog didnt come back in the house for about an hour


Yeah I strongly believe if you don’t participate in wars what’s the point of being in an alliance. That’s my opinion


I love wars too, and for all of the reasons you listed. It is great fun, and I look forward to them.

I sympathize with Missy, about the unused flags…that is not acceptable for me. There is an opt-out option for a reason, and if you don’t opt-out if you can’t participate, then it is inconsiderate to your teammates who are in there fighting. In fact several of us left a former alliance for just that reason…members online but not using all flags or hitting titans, but leadership dragged their feet addressing the issue even though there were clear rules in place.

I now approach raids as a practice battle for war opponents, and use them to try different teams against certain heroes. I am really looking forward to the new raid battles being worked on!

I do think the war chests should have way better loot, it takes a lot of effort to fill one and so far they have been knda meh.

Edit: I feel the matching is much improved…we win some, lose some…but usually I have felt we were fairly well matched to opponents.


I agree 100% participation from those opted in should be a general rule across most(if not all) active alliances

We allow members to opt out in advance if they know they wont be on. But any flags left unused at the end is a warning to boot, twice in a row = gone


Love the idea of using raids as a practice battle for war. Gives me a new perspective! And I love raiding anyway :slight_smile:


Wars are great, once you are in the right alliance for you. And like @KLinMayhem would say, KILL THE FARGIN BASTAGES!


100% in agreement PERIOD!!!

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And people who leave during war?!

I’m sure there’s an exception when it’s necessary… maybe, but generally, anyone who does that:



I really enjoy wars. I like the strategy, the camaraderie and the opportunity to use heroes I don’t usually use


I concur with Guy’s assessment of the situation.



Here is what I don’t get but see in other alliances. You can opt out of a war, why would you stay in and not use a single flag? Sure life happens, but it sure seems to happen a lot to some alliances.


More importantly, why would alliance leaders not kick members who keep doing that


Love it. I would actually want it to happen less frequently haha or at least not always on Wednesday/Saturday. Just because it’s a bit demanding. But it’s still awesome. I saw a suggestion that leaders should be able to opt-out someone, which I think would be pretty useful.