Do you like using Misandra?

Agree about Joon. I had been using mine at 3/70 for a very long time while awaiting darts. He was certainly good enough. Now I’m afraid I wasted all those scopes and warm capes in hope she’d be better at the final tier.


I just chose to max Bruce Lee over Joon as I had the materials, but as I see it Joon is good enough for now as he is and can wait longer for the items again…not hard to get them. He’s still a beast.

Misandra is great with fast to very mana heroes, ie Guardian Jackal & Joon.
See Vids below.

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To be honest… if that video was supposed to show her effectiveness, I didn’t see it.

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She help with mana particularly Jackal.

Lol I just keep stubbornly trying to raid with her and losing all the time. Particularly because she almost always hits only once. It’s like a curse. When I win, it’s not because of Misandra. I really want to like her so I keep giving her chances but it’s just not happening so far.

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Question, I have 2 copies of Misandra, one maxed, the other at 3-70. Now im maxing Ariel. Does anyone tried mana gain synergy?? I am wondering if a team with Ariel + 2 x missandra + 2 x fast hitting heros (sartana, marjana, etc) would be nasty.

I use misandra ariel + onatel in off and def and I love the synergy, by the time I’ve got each their first charge! I’m generally firing them all every 3-4 turns again throughout!

All I’m missing is mana troops and I’d basically have a very fast fast fast combo

I have 3 Misandras. My 1st Misandra was my 2nd 5* after Justice.
I have her now at 4.40 ish.
I use her to attack Red and Yellow Tank

  • Red tank for stacking blues
  • Yellow tank with Poseidon + 3 purples.
    She is not heavy hitter but her mana charge is useful.
    And her specials says:
    All allies gain a small amount of mana for each hit.

I wonder if the heavier she hits, the more mana she will generate, meaning that even though her special % will not increase along with the increase of her level, but with the increase of her level, her att stats will increase as well hence deals more damage hence generates more mana…

I still think that it is worth to max her <<

If I remember it correctly, she generates 0.6 tile per hit, so maximum mana gain from her special would be 2.4 tiles, no matter how hard she will hit.

How can it be expressed in tiles, if everybody will gain the same amount, no matter if they are fast or slow?

Imo she gives about 8% per hit.

Apparently, it can be:

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Hmm i was expecting same as alby which is .8 of a tile

Never realized that she gives different amounts to different heroes.

I love it so much…the addl mana to other member and the multiple random damage (not always) is so pleasing specially when I am using blue color stcking and no blue tiles in the board…lol

I’m leveling my second Misandra, I love to take her together with Alasie.

pulled her last atlantis, and still leveling her. i am torn, she frequently only hits once which is not so good. currently, I consider to rather bring Alice up who I pulled in november’s wonderland… will need still check the mana donation in conjunction with ariel and valerias. someone posted this team, and this sounds promising.
will need to play around, as we all know, scopes are hard to get, and proper decision is key…

I have a misandra maxed out, and tested this with 2 red mana troops wich I use for wilbur and boldtusk.
1 troop lvl 5 (-7% mana, for wilbur)
1 troop lvl 1 (-5% mana, for bold)
Both are avarage heroes so they need 10 tiles.
So with the troops wilbur needs 9.3 tiles and bold needs 9.5 tiles. Whenever they are at 9 tiles mana filled and I use misandra and she hits only once, only wilbur gets his special activated.
This means that it’s a fact that she does not give 0.5 tiles per hit, but she does give you atleast 0.3.

Edit: This method used to calculate is wrong!!
Check out this great thread made by nitrogenbubble, kudo’s to him.
I will redo and post this test soon, using the right method and correct information

Personally I think it’s 0.4 tiles per hit, also because Alberich’s “moderate” mana is 0.8 tiles, so 0.4 tiles for a “small” amount would be logical.

In my opinion Misandra is awesome for avarage heroes IF you have atleast lvl 5 mana troops to get the -7% so you only need 1 hit to get full mana at 9 tiles.
Also for fast heroes (8 tiles) you need a lvl 11 troop (-9%= 7.28 tiles) to get to 7 with only 1 hit.
And for very fast heroes (6.5 tiles) you only need a lvl 1 mana troop (-5%= 6.175 tiles) for full mana after 1 misandra hit + 2x3 red tiles.
Without the mana troops she loses her effectiveness imo, because then you have to hope she lands more hits. And with 42% chance for an extra hit it’s more likely she doesn’t. But atleast this knowledge gives you some certainty.
I wish they would buff her up a bit, give her a higher chance but with a diminishing effect. Something like 65% for the 1st extra hit, 50% for the 2nd, and 35% for the 3rd hit, but hey who am I.

I don’t have ariel or any other mana buffers but it seems logical to me that it shares the same mechanic, also for the mana the actual hits give.
i.e. 0.4x1.24=0.496 But paired with mana troops she would then give atleast 0,5 per hit.
But this would also mean that if you pair alberich
(0.8 tiles per turn) with ariel(24% mana) + lvl1 mana troop(5% mana) you get 0.8x1.29=1.032 tiles per turn, wich would be awesome imo. But this is only speculation.
Hopefully I pull ariel when she’s available again in februari so I can test it further.
I hope this was helpfull and not too complicated and if you think i’m doing something wrong here please let me know :slight_smile:

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That’s also my impression, but in todays raid tournament she did 2 consecutive 4-hits and saved my butt in these 2 battles.

Those of us who use her on def will probably never know, how she does it there. :wink:

Misandra and Ariel is duo what I like a lot. Misandra helps to charge Ariel and then Ariel does her job. Absolutely no regrets that I gave her scopes. Emblem class is amazing too. So many times she revived and charged Ariel and Ariel healed Misandra.

Blues have many great 5* heroes with average mana. Misandra can help to charge all of them. Dealt damage is pure random, sometimes she does wonders sometimes disappoints but overall very good hero. High defense, high health. Great for defense team.

Like I said best if you have some other blues with average mana. What I mean, if you have deep blue 5* roster then Misandra is almost like must have hero. I had choice between Magni and Misandra and I chose Misandra.

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