Do you like using Misandra?

Does anyone have her maxed or close to it? How do you like her? Mine is currently 3/47 and I’m still not seeing the appeal. Hits like a kitten, additional hits are very unreliable, there’s often just the first one, mana gain is tiny. How did she did get an A rating?

If you are taking a 3/47 5 star hero into battles vs other 80s, what did you expect to happen? even at 3/70, 5s are generally weaker than max level 4 stars. you’re still 103 levels away from maxing your hero…

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Rating are given to maxed heroes.

I have her maxed. Yes, when she hits only once she isn’t all that great, kinda makes you sad, similar to when you see all the misses from wu. But like wu, when she hits multiple, she is very effective. The fast mana speed along with a extra mana gain makes the gamble worth it imo.

Generally, at this level, when a hero is good, I’m already starting to see it. The best 5* heroes are already pretty good even at 3/70. Not this time. Besides, the chances of additional hits or mana gained from them will not improve with levelling and they’re kind of the whole point.

your hero was still 23 levels from 70.

If her special is 8/8, the CHANCE of multiple hits will not improve but the EFFECTIVENESS of those hits will.

@Mozzter had it correct - you have to think of her skill like Wu’s. He misses a lot, but when his special hits it’s a beautiful thing to see :grin:

If you have a mana-buffing hero like Khagan or Lancelot, try using them along with Misandra. Seems like they would have great synergy.

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I’m at 4 Scopes and will need to decide between Arthur and misandra soon. Hmmm

I have Lancelot. Thanks for the suggestion I’ll try it.

hmm that’s an interesting point.

By effectiveness, do you mean damage or more mana? I had her special maxed even before the second ascension. I don’t think I noticed an increase in mana gained from those hits…

You didn’t add a screenshot of where your hero sits now so I can’t compare it, but some heroes keep increasing mana gain, healing %, etc as you level them up. Even if their special is at 8/8. Plus, they hit harder (are more effective) the higher their hero level as their attack level increases.

As @Dante2377 pointed out, you still have 103 levels to max her out. Most 5*s are still kitten-ish at that level.

Mana effect will not increase just damage.

First - maxed out card, second - my current level.


Thanks @Builderbooo ! I didn’t have the cards to compare :grin:

Regardless, she will be more effective (hit harder, kill more, etc) the higher the level.

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her special is only doing roughly 51% of the damage (1147 vs 2241). When she’s max’d she’ll hit twice as hard.

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Mana was filled by misandra’s special hitting 3 extra times for wilbur, misandra, mok arr and drake.

Did some photoshop hacking, and it looks like fast heroes get about 22% mana fill from her 3 extra hits.

Average gets a bit less, probably closer to 20%.

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I am also contemplating ascending either her or Arthur to final tier. Would she be extra effective with extra fast heroes? And do opposing heroes need to be nearby for her extra damage? I noticed when only the outside enemies are alive I have not seen her extra damage. And sometimes not all allies get the mana boost. Is this a bug others noticed too? If it happens again I will screenshot and report.

I’m currently maxing her, she is at 4/57, and I just keep getting frustrated how most of the time during a raid she only hits once. Maybe I’m just seriously unlucky. If she consistently managed at least two of those additional hits, I wouldn’t be complaining. As it is, I think the chance of the additional hits is really not good enough because the main hit isn’t that strong and has no other additional effect.

Haven’t even brought Joon up to 3.70 yet and yet he’s easily hanging with the maxed 80s as needed. If by that time you don’t see any worth in a hero they more than likely aren’t worth it. Plus, those hero grades are based on personal opinions anyway…even if it’s from experienced players, everyone is biased in one way or another. I have a friend who will not use any hero that isn’t fast or very fast. Strategy is about synergizing a team to work it’s best when each hero contributes to another’s skills…maybe she’s good at that.