Do you like being a beta tester?

I see many comments from beta testers that their feedback seems to be ignored by SG. It makes me wonder how many beta testers feel this way and what their other likes and dislikes are.


It’s a mix. You win a few and you lose many. Admittedly it can be very frustrating to see feedback ignored, only for nerfs to happen because heroes beta testers said were overpowered were released overpowered.

But changes like expanding Iris’ dispel to 3 targets or adding dispel to cSabina along with increasing her HoT to be on par with cRigard’s and cMelendor’s stand out as victories that offer a glimmer of hope that SG will listen to testers on occasion.


Beta tester likes include cuddling and long walks on the beach.


I love it. I get to play with heroes I won’t otherwise play with. It helps me learn who new heroes are and what they do. And it allows me to help inform/help others.

As for whether feedback is ignored, it feels overstated. There are many comments in a beta thread. We don’t always agree and there is no mechanism to say everyone agrees. So this whole “not listening to beta testers” seems like a gross generalization from someone’s perceived perspective. But what is SG supposed to listen to when there is no consensus?


I was super excited to get into the beta testing program. I really like testing out new heroes and seeing how they work. I do wish there was a calendar of days when they planned to open the beta and close it. I often work 50+ hours a week. So, it would help to know a little bit in advance to plan my time.

My frustrations with beta lately, is that beta will be opened, but the whole thing won’t be available the whole time the beta is open. I think the gargoyles event was like that. I didn’t have time to get to the event the first couple days, due to work. By the time I could get to it, that aspect was over.

Also, there’s sooooo many heroes coming through beta now, I cannot give them all justice in testing. I’ll end up picking one or two (my favorites), and testing those while ignoring the rest. I can’t test 10+ heroes well over a couple days. I just can’t. And it just drives home the point that this game is just coming out with two many heroes too fast.

I like to give decent feedback. But the amount of things we’re being asked to feedback is just overwhelming.


I absolutely love being a part of Beta. The feedback being ignored I don’t necessarily agree with. We only know what is in front of us and what is currently in live game. We don’t know the longer plan and upcoming hero’s. Play4Fun puts together the review notes from devs, so we know that what we review and test is at least heard. In the specific case of Kalo, a majority felt he was way too strong. I fell in the very small minority that thought he was very strong but not OP due to his 4 star stats. When going against 5* opponents I found it difficult to keep him alive until 2-4 hero’s were dead. I just did not feel it was worth the slot to try and pull it off. Now in 4 star tourneys and VF format he would be OP, and even more so now with the stoneskin.
I got a little off there. I feel our voices are heard, but the game and plans are theirs to do with as the please.

I only ask that they strongly consider fully reimbursing a player that invests resources to a hero they nerf. Just a reset token that gives back 100% of all resources used after max ascension (emblems, limit break, ham, iron) but I don’t think we should get anything back from just standard ascension.





It was actually stressful when I have started because I really did my best for testing and everything. Now I know it has no worth or value so I just play with it. Test my heroes, emblem and break them to see how will they work. Play with new heroes that I won’t ever be able to use otherwise and so on. I don’t really care that much anymore.


I used to.

But think I’ve been at it too long, that honestly now, it just is what it is :person_shrugging: I don’t especially enjoy it, nor do I hate it, or anything, I guess either…

Spent many a years providing valuable, diligent and detailed feedback. However, the feeling of wasting your time definitely weighs on you, especially after a few years… that now, I don’t really give two :poop:’s. I’ll comment, and test when and what I want to/feel like it (so like… once a month :sweat_smile::rofl:). Couldn’t be bothered to exert much more effort past that, nowadays… Yeah, idk, it’s just kinda… there.

So really, now, I’d say I’m kinda indifferent to it… lol.


Do beta testers take our suggestions and ideas from the forum to the devs? I feel that out voices don’t actually get heard 99% of the time here from those we would like to actually contribute too…

Edit. Not talking about Kalo. I mean like say someone was to suggest Guinevere get an increase in mana reduction or do damage now like inari did…

It is difficult at times. I definitely feel they don’t communicate well regarding balance of heroes in beta. They are pretty good about responding to actual bugs, translation issues etc.

A big thing for a while has been not listening to concerns regarding potential synergy balance issues. I’ll give an example:

The last version of panther tested, Costume tiburtus, panther costume and killhare, even without maxed troops, emblems or limit break can 9 tile kill almost every defense in the game with upfront damage. This is a trio and a synergy issue I mentioned in testing. This type of synergy fundamentally changes the game as currently there are not trios that can do this immediately in 9 tiles.

These type of things were mentioned as well for a hero like Kalo. It was mentioned potentially as a concern for frigg/bk/Odin, xnol/Ludwig/alfrike, grave/tell/vela etc. However most can’t even test things like that cause beta is your roster+whatever heroes they testing at the time.

I bring this up in detail because it’s this fault that indirectly leads to many of the nerfs and frustration. They may be able to look at performance data of individual hero in a vacuum but for various reasons they are terrible synergy.

So I guess I like it ok, but after like a year in half in there seeing this thing in particular ignored over and over, yeah it frustrating since it’s usually this type of thing that leads to nerfs.


This really sums up everything. There aren’t that many posters in the beta forums and there’s rarely a clear consensus on balance.

When there is a clear consensus, SGG usually adjusts something. Most HotMs these days seem to get balance changes during beta. Over half of the gargoyles were nerfed during beta. The fact that Kalo wasn’t nerfed during beta actually hints that there wasn’t a very clear consensus on him the first time around.

People are quick to blame SGG for ignoring beta whenever a broken hero comes out. Most of the time, this is a lie. Beta thought C-Krampus was fine. Beta thought Ferant was fine.

Most of the people screaming “they NEVER listen to US” actually mean “they RARELY listen to ME, when MY opinions should be worth much more”. Sure I get their frustration. But they shouldn’t vent by spreading disinformation. All it does is discourage people from signing up for beta.


Personally I find it good fun and exciting…
But maybe that’s because I have only been a tester for a few months :man_shrugging:
It’s nice to play with new heroes and new events being developed before they go live in the game.
It helps improve my knowledge about the game in general.
And it also gives me an opportunity to take stuff from the forum to Beta as an example the need for more roster space and the need to slow down with hero releases and power creep and if you are going to bring this type of hero out you need to buff this hero too.
I have to say that it’s a mixed bag with regards to the feedback Beta Testers give. Obviously we don’t always agree because we are all different.
In the example of Kalo some testers said the Gargoyles were too strong. Others were not as concerned. So just reading feedback it can be confusing for developers.
BUT it would be both wrong and unfair to the developers to say that they do not listen or ignore all the feedback we give. It’s not true - ie the monster 5* Gargoyle that was obviously OP was withdrawn from the portal. Let’s see what happens to him…
The two things I don’t like about Beta is that (a) currently everything feels rushed with regards to pushing out quantity over quality (b) we don’t always understand what the developers are going to do with feedback given in beta.
As a Beta tester all I will ask is that SG slow down with the volume of heroes being released and the number of Beta sessions being rolled out - it sometimes feels like I am playing two full time games


hats off to all beta testers. I would not want to join myself, as it seems like a lot of time/effort… but I know many/most beta testers do it for love of the game, and with the intent to make the game better with their feedback

that’s great, and I agree, those were good adjustments (C-Sabina now has her own niche, and I think most would agree she’s equally “powerful” as cRigard and cMel where the choice is just based on niche they occupy). thanks for sharing this little glimmer of hope!


Why should the beta-testers do the work ? It’s not paid in any way. SG should hired profesional gamers for this but that would eat the revenues.

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Not really, but I think you highly overestimate what we can do there.

For example we can’t create threads. Pretty much everything is pre-made. We get topics for each thing we should test were we can leave our feedback and we shall create specific bug threads if we find something broken so that it doesn’t get lost under tons of opinions. And that’s pretty much it.

So there is no real way to bring random stuff into the discussion. And in the end we are still only players. If they don’t listen to threads in the ideas topic they probably won’t listen to us.

So back to OPs question:

If I like it, yes probably. I mean I tried to get in for some time and now when I’m finally in its probably during a time when a lot is going on.
We have so many things to do in the live game as never before and on the same time the beta stuff is also extremely overloaded.
I would probably have loved it for example during S2.
There were weeks with nothing to do in the live game and beta tested reasonable amounts of stuff.
But now I’m already spending on some days hours in the live game, and I just don’t have any time for beta.
The last version I missed completely because there was an event ongoing and after hunting scores I’m not in the mood to test much.
This time there are so many new things to test (in addition to all the things going on in the live game) that I actually tested maybe 20% of everything available.

I really would like to give more feedback but everything is just so overloaded that at least I’m often not that motivated.


I’m confused what is a beta tester job. As sound like you become one play with new heros and that’s it maybe give feedback but gets ignored away lol.

Can I be one and hav some fun with new heros SG.

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Bug hunting.
There are normally a lot of things not working, wrong worded, missing etc.
Those things get mentioned and solved nearly immediately.

The rest is not so clear. Our opinions count but maybe not as much as we would like sometimes.
But on the same hand we provide data just playing with those heroes…
And a combination out of this usually leads to changes (or not) regarding the heroes tested.


Beta testing is user testing. I’m in beta from long time before I used to test everything but now a days I only test what I can. We can’t create new threads and ask them to buff existing hero, we only give feedback on new hero’s and raise bugs if we find any. Why I’m still in beta after 2.5 years is that I get to test new hero’s which I may not get in real game. I love game so being in beta will help me to explore more because I’m C2P. Some hero feedback’s are considered and some ignored. In case of Kalo I was sure he will be nerfed but they don’t want to change unique part of his SS. There were some differences in opinion about Kalo but most testers said he can’t go to live like that. It’s frustrating when they ignore our feedback, even more frustrating when players blame beta for everything. SG have development team, testing team to test before anything released to beta.

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Gonna tell a thing : there are some selfish beta testers that dont give a dang about balance or honesty
They play the game,enjoy new free heroes,then go in their live app and spend tons to get what they can get,they never give any feedback or they give wrong feedback
And there are very honest beta testers that really care about the game balance and give their honest reviews to the devs
Now most of the honest beta feel ignored and maybe some of them will turn into the 1st kind " selfish and careless" and i fully understand them if they do because tbh this game is fun etc and you can through it meet very kind people but seriously we have one of the crooked greedy devs ever existed in video games history
Even EA games devs are silenced for 90000 turns by e&p ( zynga or whoever is in charge now) devs and directors.