Do you like Beer? Food? The door is open

Well…I don’t have any Beer or Food BUT while you’re here…

Ǽternum Patentia is a brand NEW Alliance looking to find a group of players that want to LEARN and GROW. Getting this alliance to where I want to will take time but I PROMISE if you come along for the ride from the start, you will LOVE it!

Are you tired of inactive alliance members? Losing wars or titans escaping because others aren’t active enough? Not having your questions answered?? Then hit that JOIN button in game!

Are YOU ready to be a founding member of Ǽternum Patentia??

Here are the list of requirements:

  • Be Active DAILY
  • Hit the Titan DAILY
  • NO CUPS Required
  • Wars will be OPTIONAL once started but if opted, MUST use all flags

If 2 Titans Missed or 2 Wars missed without communication, then I will be forced to remove.
This alliance will be 100% ACTIVE! Not 95%. Not 80%.

So what are you waiting for? Come watch this from the ground up!

And yes…I actually do have beer…

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I mean…I just crushed a 1* titan!! How come you are missing out on this?!?

What if I offer free donuts upon entry?? This alliance will not fail…No Surrender!!!

A little tip, “Aerterum” cant be found through alliance search (wanted to make our alliance name stylish too, so i speak from experience, no signs or others can be found) So whoever seaches for xyour alliance has to type “Patentia” in alliance search :slightly_smiling_face:


Hehe yea I kinda figured it may be tough. On most smart phones, just need to long press the A key for the Æ to show up. I’m hoping people can do that or just search for Patentia :slight_smile:

Thanks for responding though! Was lonely in here!!

Made me open and read. Lol. Good luck to ya!!

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Haha thanks @Math4lyfe!! GL to you as well!

I just took down a 1* titan because I am ALLLLL powerful!!!

28 spots left!! Don’t miss your chance!! I shalt not give up on this alliance!!

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Blazing through at 3 members! Titans dying! Wars on the horizon!
Slowly but surely this alliance will get there! Don’t miss your chance on getting in on the ground floor!

Come to learn! Come to teach!

Did I mention I bring the beer??

Up to 4 members!! Don’t look now but here we come!!

26 amazing spots! All new alliances have to start somewhere before they push to the top!


Still sitting at 4! Titans dying but looking for more ACTIVE members to keep pushing us! Only 26 spots left! Almost full!!! ;). You know you wannnnnnnnaaaaa!

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