Do you like a duo of Uraeus + Elizabeth? If so why?

Good day all,

I noticed several members had commented in one of the Uraeus sections here on our forum
Uraeus is fantastic paired with Elizabeth
& this due to his attack on fiends
which Elizabeth’s spiders are

If you have any videos of this please share.
If you agree or disagree, please advocate your position below through comments.

Thank you for your input

Simply put?

Elizabeth drops a Fiend on all enemies.
Uraeus will drop the Sand DoT on all enemies who have a fiend.

As there is no easy way of removing the Fiends you pretty much are guaranteed to impart the sand DoT on all your enemies.

Only way to get rid of the Fiends is to:
a) displace with more minions (which will stillr esult in Uraeus DoT)


b) remove via healing which sucks;


ty @Guvnor

This is what I understood the others commentary to mean to convey

Quite a fantastic duo!

I do have Uraeus.

Seeking Elizabeth since I first heard of her

A serious damage dealing duo

As I pull for her,
SGG pull gods/ goddesses be kind to me :pray:

Oh snap, i need to level mine asap

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EXACTLY :100::yum:

Just let me grab Liz & her spidies asap :spider:

From the pull this Season … lol :spider:

(Note: Underwild image courtesy of @Guvnor )


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Does fiends count as minions?

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Only when explicitly stated. Otherwise no.



ty again @Guvnor for your continual explanations on various posed topics & or questions, ideas, etc


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Gday @AirHawk :sunflower:

Inserting this post also from @Guvnor
Also concerning Liz’s spidey fiends:

ty @Guvnor :dizzy:
for alot of messaging in multiple threads
as you attempt to clarify info
on this March 2021 S4 5* Elizabeth


Notice @Guvnor I give you respect for your efforts in this forum. It must be time consuming to deliver so much help to us here in the forum.

Your efforts aren’t lost on me. They are genuinely appreciated.


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