Do you know what awards will be given in the Halloween event?

Can we know which color hero future or which prizes will be awarded?

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Purple. You’ll get a tabard for finishing the very final level of the harder difficulty. I believe you also get some purple trainers and likely a trap tools if I’m not mistaken, as well.

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You should have an image of it just like the summer event

This is a new event, so people shouldn’t have a screen shot of it yet

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Beta testers have been asked not to share images or videos from beta publicly.


I hope it is one of the 20 level events. The timed ones get boring after a while.

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There are heroes coming out like dracula etc…I heard they’re quite good as opposed to the useless Easter Rabbit heroes.

Save your epic hero tokens as the heroes will be used in place of regular epic hero pulls

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Yes, it’s a two-week 20-level, Normal and Hard, event just like the spring and summer events.


This event got my attention :slight_smile: well, they all do ofcourse, but this one particularly…

Lots of good stuff happening in the short period of time. Grimm forest event, halloween event AND Atlantis -gate opens once again. AND rare quest… near future?

If those will not make you use your world energy flasks, i don’t know what will :):stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


You said the gate is starting again. What is gate?


Gate is the Altantis Summons Gate, which opens monthly

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when is it starting. Already afternoon of the 22nd here

Hope soon. Ugh. Wanna use my epic hero tokens! Lol

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Is the normal stage worth the energy? Rewards look horrible - who needs dozens of clean clothes and common herbs?!? Is the XP/recruits/troops/feeder loss you have while doing the event outweighed by the 2 trainers and one trooptoken…? I’m not sure

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