Do you know anyone (offline/IRL) who also plays E&P?

I’ve been playing E&P almost every day for (I think) about eight months. A couple months ago I convinced my sister to download E&P. Now, she’s in my alliance, and it’s pretty fun to chat about the game, characters we’re pulled, wars, etc. when we hang out. I’ve been nudging her to try Puzzle Combat too, but she hasn’t taken the leap yet.

Do you have any friends/family/etc. you know offline, who also play E&P? Do you talk about the game together?


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I don’t have real-life friends or family who play, but like many people, several game friends have become people I talk to so much that they’re meaningful parts of my life now.


On the 28th Jan i completed 2 years playing the game
I convinced my brother to play the game one week after me and he started to play the game
In August 2018 seven other friends joined the game and we all still play the game
We joined the same alliance and stayed there for about a year
Then me and my brother moved to another stronger alliance
6 of them moved to a different alliance together and currently one of them is playin casually as his work is holding him off from the game
We have a separate Whatsapp group for us as our other friends got annoyed from us talking about the game and posting our summons :rofl::rofl:

Having real life friends playing the game whats made the game much more enjoyable even though we are not at the same alliance


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