Do you have problem heroes? Therapy?

A maxed hero with missing skills is meant.

I had Kailani maxed with special at 4 and now I have Boldie with even only 3 at 4.32.

Kailani was fed to another, but if Boldie stays at 3 or 4, he isn’t able to get emblems and I wouldn’t like to pull 4 more Boldies just to max his special.

Do you also have such problem heros and what do you think about it?

I’ve seen a number of people get 4* well into the final ascension with 4/8 skills, and still have them max by the end.

Keep in mind that the xp from 4-1 to 4-70 is nearly identical to 1-1 to 3-60. So you have a lot of leveling to go even at 4-32.

This isn’t necessary anymore. 5 red 2* feeders will guarantee a special level increase on a 4-70 4* as of Version 18.

EDIT: Adding a second reference for future cross-link purposes:


Thx for clarification, you’re welcome.

Your answers are always as well competent as awesome :hugs:

Now I can keep calm to that situation.

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Glad it helped, and thanks!

Then I hope my Kailani was/will be my only ever maxed with low skill.

Maybe there’s one out there who has also a maxed with low skill and can tell, if he/her uses him/her anyway or how fine the eternal skill feeding worked.

It should be easy enough now. I noticed since the update if you level a max level hero with one copy of herself/himself, the special skill level up chance is 100% instead of 25%.

This was good for me because I had max level heroes like Bane, Friar, Melia, Berden stuck at skill levels like 6/8 and 7/8 because I didnt want to waste dozens of feeders on those 3 stars. Now all of them besides Berden are at 8/8.

So just wait until you pull copies of Kailani and feed them one at a time.

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