Do you have any solution to Unbalanced Alliance Wars? Any strategy?

I try to ready every related topics but still could not find any solution to our frustration…
Over one month we cant fill the chest. And over 2 months I don’t remember a weaker opponent. Taking screen shots each of war results and keeping them.

What should we do guys? what are your opinions?
not to participate to wars ? leaving the clan loosing the trophies?

Some things that might help:
Make sure you have thirty players using all 6 flags (or close to that). Often you will meet a team that is stronger “on paper”, but due to non-participation, is easier to beat.
Agree to put the same color in the “tank” position for all of your players. This may have the effect of having the other team unable to break your tanks in the second half of the war, due to using all of the hard hitters.
Have your stronger players break the tank on a stronger enemy, so that the weaker players can clean up the rest of them.
If an enemy team has an exaggerated number of healers (3 or more), consider not wasting your flag there (or run away before the heal fires off, so that the damage you did counts as points).

You’re going to hit those enemies who have an average score that is about the same as yours, but that still have imbalances that make it hard for your weaker players to score. That’s part of the game… I think I earned like 50 points in the last war (one player cleaned up, one flank broken after someone else hit the tank). We did win the war, though, so one players failure is not automatic doom…


This is a discussion for the General area and not a bug or issue. Moving to General. FYI.


I appologise my friend but I can not accept this humiliation. You may get me wrong we are not lack of strategies or game play knowledge. Thank you for your time.

I especially marked this as a bug or system failure you may not read clearly over two months we see harder and harder opponents not any equation in teams as we see it as a result with war score like 3200 -2500 we are fully active players. and we fights till last energy.

How many players are in your alliance? What strategy does your alliance use in war, defensive and offensive? What is the average teampower of your team?

If you don’t want strategic help from the people here, your only option is to opt out of war.

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As I said it first time we always have stronger opponent at war for instance. Like half of us can not attack to any. On other instance our last opponet has 24 full upgraded and leveled team. And our clan has only 4 fully upgrade players. Ypu may say maybe they have only one tema but ists not difference was over 1500 points. So I am asking my quesiton very clearly. We are facing stronger and stronger opponents wery soon I am going to share it with pictures. And this process took over two months and last month was terrible. like your little justified anger we are in this feeling over months. so sad. we are looking for what is wrong with this matching. we are what we are we should face with a little balanced teems. Few point difference is ok.

What’s the name of your alliance? And the name of the alliance you are facing in war right now? So far, since they last fixed the war matchmaking system, 99% of the matches seem to be working fine. If we could see for ourselves what the difference in strength is, we could draw a conclusion.

That is what we want also, we would love to feel it. but something is very wrong in our side I am keeping screen shots and gonna share it with right ones for sure. Thank you for your time.

I’m going to tag @mhalttu here. Maybe he can help you better with your request as he is the ‘Matchmaking Magician’. He might not reply until tomorrow, as their office is closed right now

I also follow his post. Heard they are tried some new algorithms. But you should keep in mind that I am here for my name. Also I would love to find a way to have fun like you mentioned %99. I write to support team very often.

You have flatter him with fancy cool nicknames like I did, that might help🤣

@Wodemas While you specifically marked this as a bug or issue, the request for information you gave does not point to a bug or issue. This is why your post was moved.

Also, as your post title is asking for strategy, you should not be so quick to dismiss those giving you advice. You may learn something if you read the advice. Up to you, of course.

But if you want this moved back to the bugs and issues category, you should provide specifics on mismatches. This can also be merged with an existing thread in the same question as I know of a few in that category already.


Other issues could be unfinished heroes. I know it is fairly well known that maxed 4 stars are typically stronger then 3-70 5 heroes. If a lot of your teams are made up higher star rating but unfinished heroes you could be easily mid matatched. For newer alliances that don’t have full rosters of maxed heroes you can drive up war score and get yourself out of your league just on the heroes you chose to raise.

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We are having a similar issue our aliance only 3 members are over 3000 tp and current opponent has 6 or 7 over 3000 ???

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Wars are cursed for some of us I beat much stronger opponents in raids completed trails of survival 4000 stage with just 2700 but in war I just lost 3 in a row against apparently weaker opponents all the wrong colour tiles in the wrong places lol at this rate war chest will take for ever really not satisfied I mean I could have gone for much weaker opponents but then there is nothing left for other team members who have no chance against 3000+ I thought I had a fair chance in theory should have won ???

I can’t necessarily answer all posts where I am mentioned, but I do check them out. In this case, it would be helpful to get the following information:

  1. How many wars have you lost in a row? If it is more than 6, that could be a sign of some bug and I would like to investigate.
  2. The exact name of the affected alliance. I’d prefer a screenshot.

I believe matchmaking should consider each member’s defence team cause it makes no sense 30 strongest hero’s ?? How can our team have just 3 3000+ and they have 6 ?? Mathematicaly impossible only chance to win is if half their team doesn’t participate lol

Current war matchmaking is so far good than earlier one. Because in past, machmaking was based on Allience score which was combined of members tropies and Titan scores. Those mention parameters can be dramaticaly change by members so that to get low Alliance teams in the War. But in present war matchmaking is based on war score which is messured by most powerful heros and troops of each Alliance members have. In system this was saved and cannot be changed by players. And also Alliance will get the right oponent teams to face in Wars. Some are complaining beacause that they loose in the wars and blaming to the system. Everyone wants to be win not to be defeated but victory only goes to one team and this has to be understand by players.

@Wodemas, scroll up a bit and you’ll see that you are offered some help with your issue. :wink:

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