Do you have any good suggestions? War defense & Raid

Rigs Ona Bud Mitsy Alice

Right now I’d say Evelyn-Kageburado-Onatel-Buddy-Alice

Kage, Onatel and Alice are too good not to use, now and in the future. Alice should be on the outside. Onatel should be tank or flank ideally. Kage can go anywhere really.

I really like Joon and Morgan Le Fay on defense as well. Evelyn/Lianna is a vicious combo on offense and defense.

He’d be crazy not to use Kageburado

There’s no need to put Kage on defense imo. He shines on offense, if he can be controlled manually.

War defenses, red/yellow tank:

Raid defense:


Thank you!!!:smiley:

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He certainly shines on defense as well. Very Fast rules the battlefield.

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