Do you have a 4* troop rainbow? How long did it take to do it? Cash or Free ETT?



Despite all that has been said about Troops, I find that they provide THE MOST value for summons across the board.

The hero summons provide attenuating value the longer that you play. Why would I put 2600 gems to get 1 or 2 keepers IF I AM LUCKY on a hero summon? Silliness.
Two DIFFERENT alliance members spent 300 trying to get a single 5* card. Both of these alliance members failed. That doesn’t make me feel warm and squishy quite like getting a hero token and pulling Khiona :slight_smile: Which happened to me. Same for Drake. I feel a greater sense of reward is held by those who are C2P than those who sink several hundos into the game.

HOWEVER. If I am looking for a 4* troop, I’ll take the 10% odds. If I only get feeders, FINE, because that is the absolute best way to level up 4* troops and best to stock up on.

So when I get in a snit and decide I may spend money on this game again, I’m probably going to buy 4 ten-pulls on troops. At the VERY worst, I’ll end up with 40 3* and can boost my lonely 4* red crit troop with the 3* reds I receive. More than likely I’ll get one more 4* that I can feed all those 3* I’ve been hoarding like an old granny in my sundry baskets.


I feel exactly the opposite.

The best you can get in troop summon is a 4*.

The best you can get at an Epic or Elemental summon is a 5*… and a HOTM.

Maybe if troops were cheaper, like 100 gems, it would be worth it, but for 200 gems I prefer save 100 more and try for a new hero, it has paid off for me (2 Khionas and 1 Zimkitha).

But your point is valid.


read all your posts and I stick to my request to @EmpiresPuzzles


how dare you have a different opinion than me? For SHAME! :slight_smile:

Truthfully, your reply is an elaboration on my own. The only difference being the goals & probabilities. The probability for disappointment is quite a bit higher on hero pulls than troop summons. Granted, the highs are much, much higher, but the lows are much, much lower. In the end, “fun” is why I play. I would prefer fewer lows and more reliable fulfillment of my expectations.

In the end, it comes down to money.

Hero summons = more money spent, higher risk, higher POTENTIAL reward.
Troop summons = lower dollar expenditure, lower risk, lower potential rewards.

For those who play on a budget, it is unrealistic to “plan” to pull a certain hero like my alliance members who go into events intending to “spend until they get” a hero.

If I can get good s1 5* from TC20, the only real thing keeping me from being in a top-tier is high-end troops (and a TON of ascension materials but that is another matter). Add in an occasional HOTM or s2 tokens with good luck, and you will have a lineup indistinguishable from an elite player.


Warning: Topic is getting derailed on game value for $/:gem: and I’m going for that ride…only expand if you are interested :rofl:

What you get for your hero and troop summons is always the same.

What it is worth to you changes a lot as you progress through the game.


As you get more 3* heroes, they go from game-changingly useful to spares to food, their value declines as you get more of them. Same with 4* heroes, then 5* heroes, eventually. This also applies to 3* troops and then to 4* troops.

Examples in successively increasing dollar costs, and successively worse value in the game per dollar (in my opinion, anyways)

  • Day 1, paying $10 for the starter offer and a month’s VIP will make a huge difference; you go from working with Bane + 1* / 2* heroes (who have no future value at all!) to having a full rainbow set of 3* (or maybe 4* if you are very lucky) heroes within a week between the hero tokens and gems to use for epic or elemental summons, within a week or two. There is no way to get that big a boost in the game that quickly ever again!
  • Paying for enough hero summons to get a full rainbow set of 4* heroes (maybe a 5* or hotm if you are lucky) after that should be pretty cheap, but short of extreme luck, I’d expect it to take a 10-pull plus maybe 10 elemental summons. Still achievable around $50
  • That early in the game, there isn’t much value to doing troop summons, as you won’t have a barracks at all, or it won’t be high enough level to do anything interesting with the 4* troops you might get.
  • Later, when you have a built up barracks doing enough troop summons to get a rainbow set of 4* troops is probably in the same price range. There is still a bit of luck in how long it will take you to complete the set.
  • Later in the game, a LOT of hero summons (best value to do in Atlantis or Event) will get you a deep roster of good 4* heroes and some 5* heroes at a cost in hundreds of dollars. (Best value on this is to do it at event or atlantis summons, hoping for luck in the more expensive things to follow)
  • Chasing a particular HOTM will cost quite a lot, easily $50 for just one hero, which is a much better value if some of the other heroes you get aren’t all food. (Luck determines whether it is cheaper or more expensive, of course!)
  • Chasing a particular event or Atlantis 5* is way more, hundreds of dollars, and honestly a very bad value. (Of course, you might have incredibly good luck and get it cheaply. Or you could have incredibly bad luck and go into thousands of dollars!)
  • Summoning enough troops to max a set of 4* troops is very expensive, but at least it is pretty much a sure thing as to how much it will cost, and pretty much guarantees you will have as many 4* troops as you want in all colors and flavors.



My current maxed team allows me to finish most of the challenge events and win some wars, so I go to the summons to see if I get lucky, if it’s a Zimkitha, great!!!

If not, I’ll try next time, use or feed what I get.

I know the odds are really low, but hey, I’ve got 3 hotm in 3 months, buying only the cheap 400 gems quick offer.

Along the way I’ve got a Triton, Wilbur, Wu, and some other useful heroes, so it’s been totally worth it.


Barry, i dont believe it is off topic since the OP asked the question about troops, then directly asked how much money we spend to get/not get rainbow 4. The next logical elaboration is “where is the best value”

Additionally, you “summarized” well. If summary means novel. :slight_smile: jk i think you brought it altogether nicely.

The TL;DR of the thread is “spend money if you want, its faster to level 4* troops if you do.”


^Lots of answers on a similar topic here!

I’ve been playing for almost 5 months now +only just completed my 4* rainbow like last week! Haven’t got a 5* hero yet +only have 1 4* troop. I’m C2P so I just get VIP +cheap offers, I’ve gotten a few of the Halloween offers so I’m saving for my first 10 pull hoping to get HotM Zimmi. So far I’ve probably spent $70-80. I’m only on tc18 +sh19 but I’m focusing all my resources on that to get tc20, so hopefully soon I can just make my own since luck seems to have abandoned me :sweat_smile:


I bought 2 months of Vip abd Consider my self a C2P …
Not F2P ofc … 1800 gems for money aint make us F2P no more at least during those 2 months!


I had to shorten the way to tc20. If i could do it without the gems i would have. Anyway ill stop vip here. :slight_smile:

So f2p with 1800 gems bought. :cold_sweat:


:rofl: :rofl: I am dead.


Sh20 done.
Tc14 and going up.
18 days left of 2nd and last month vip.
Normally tc20 will be finshed just about at expiration. Onlt 7d research will be left.

Goal accomplished. Tc20 in 3 months of playing :smiley:

  1. Beginning of April 2018.
  2. C2P
  3. 2x TC20. One at 3 months, one at 2 months.
  4. No money spent on troops. About 75% of my 4* and 50% of my 5* heroes have been through pulls. Ratio of money spent on pulls V EHT is unknown to me.

Purple: 2x 4* mana / 1x 4* crit
Red: 1x 4* mana / 1x 4* crit
Blue: 1x 4* mana
Green: 3x 4* crit
Yellow: 3* crit

Edit: Just pulled a 2nd 4* purple crit with the ETT from the event reward.


@Jedon @Boolz

Tough call. VIP is not quite F2P, but if you do not buy other gems, it’s slightly less than C2P.

VIP makes the game tolerable and results achievable sooner.
It is too slow without VIP in my opinion.
The gems are nice too.

I was C2P, renewed about 3 mos of VIP, bought all the 5*99 cent deals and 4x 2.00 deals that came about. Nothing else. My results were OK but have been having good results without spending money so I let VIP expire (since i have 4xTC20 now) and enjoy my extra surprises even more!

Now that I have a rainbow of 5* I am done using any earned gems for heroes. Just going to spend on troops from now on and hope the s2 tokens and epic tokens bring me surprise goodies. :slight_smile:


November 2017 (A year ago)

c2p with something like $7 per month.

Currently I have only one running, but before I had two. Altogether TC20 have been running for 4 or 5 months I think. I don’t remember exactly.

I’ve never spent a cent on troops, only tokens. For 7 months I had only 3* troops. After that within 3 or 4 months I happened to get 11 4* troops that gave me a rainbow plus some extra.