Do you get war points when you lose by time-out?

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If you ever lost by time-out in war, did you get any points for it? I have heard the rumor you don’t…

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Here is may answer in that topic:

Another answer:

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Harry was not sure…i just want to be sure and hope to get some evidence for it…

also this is only "second hand knowledge:

Yes, my information is also a second hand knowledge, but there might be another instance that I see personally.

Do disconnect also caused the battle to be ended in time run out?

I remember seeing my alliance teammate attacking an enemy base for a few minutes, then he come in the alliance chat saying that he got disconnected while attacking. He is still shown attacking that base while he had that chat with me. Few more minutes later, the attack ended and he get some points.

Also, I have personal experience (multiple times) that fleeing after registering damage still give points (when my cleaning team is decimated, I used to flee before the healers use their skill to avoid registering 0 point). It just doesn’t make sense that after registering damage (not healed), fleeing can give points but letting time run out do not.


Yes, fleeing before heals when you are close to death is a great way for weaker teams to take out stronger ones. You can also flee b4 timer ends to preserve points.

I don’t understand why this question hasn’t been definitively answered by now. I’m one of the posters who have said that if the timer runs out during a war battle, you get 0 points regardless of how many enemy killed or how many remain on your team.

This shouldn’t have to rely on anecdotal evidence.

If it’s only happened to our alliance - it’s a bug!

If it hasn’t happened to another alliance it’s a bug!

Either way, we can’t both be right.

Mods - can you find the right answer? @zephyr1 @Rook

I can’t address what happens when the timer runs out, but it makes sense to me that you would get zero points. If I am understanding you correctly, you feel you should score points for the enemies you killed. By extension, I’m assuming you also would want points for the enemies you damaged.

The problem is, I don’t think you did either of those things if you let the time run out. Revive is a rare skill, but an extant one. So, until you leave the field, you cannot say you definitely ‘killed’ any enemy. The same logic would hold for whatever hit points you’ve whittled away; they’re not locked in until the battle is over. This is especially true since healing is hardly a rare skill (plus we have field aid wars all the time).

If you’re saying you want to get points for whatever damage you’ve done, you always have an option to do that - just flee at that exact time and everything will be scored according to the state you leave your opponent in. If your alliance is frequently encountering this problem then I’d suggest the clock is an aspect of the battle that you need to more carefully manage.

Unfortunately, I don’t really have resources beyond the same anecdotal experience and Forum searches you have, since I’m just a fellow player.

@yelnats_24, @General_Confusion, and @IvyTheTerrible seem to be doing a good job digging up experiences recorded by others on the Forum, and sharing their own observations. I see too that @Garanwyn, @HarryDeB, and @Olmor have been cited — who are all consistent high-quality and reliable contributors on the Forum.

I have also mentioned this thread to SG. They rarely respond directly to Forum posts, but it’s possible they might be able to provide clarification for this very specific question of what the expected behavior is for whether you get points from a War battle if you lose with a time out.


Don’t cite me! My sources are @princess1 and @General_Confusion. My alliance has never had a war battle timeout that I’m aware of.

Our 0 hits have all come via the good old-fashioned “blown off the board due to insufficient strong tiles” route.

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We have seen it…weak teams during field aid.

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I’m not saying I think we should be awarded points after the timer runs out, I’m simply asking for clarification. If this is a war “rule”, I have no issue with it. It only happened once (perhaps twice), and now we constantly remind our members - especially during a healing war, to flee before the timer runs out.

I’ve had exciting battles myself, taking the timer to 15 seconds before fleeing, so I’m fine with having it be a component of the war.

Obviously our alliance can’t test this rule since we already have an “issue” with it occurring. If we are unable to get a definitive answer from SG, perhaps some other alliances can “test” it … perhaps in a war where they are losing badly anyway, and let us know if happens to them.

I feel like one of the lonely voices crying out in the wilderness …

Is happening to me only 1 time I left with Kiril and the other team left with Kashhrek so I play till time out and of course I loose because the computer say that and I get no point unfortunately

Did you kill any hero in that specific battle? Did your opponent have healer or field aid?

Please note that if the damage you have done is healed, you got no point.

From my understanding, the point you get if you fail to defeat all hero regardless if all yout heroes are killed, flee, or time out is based on:

((Max(0, Hero1 HP at the start of battle - Hero1 HP at the end of battle) + Max(0, Hero2 HP at the start of battle - Hero2 HP at the end of battle) + Max(0, Hero3 HP at the start of battle - Hero3 HP at the end of battle) + Max(0, Hero4 HP at the start of battle - Hero4 HP at the end of battle) + Max(0, Hero5 HP at the start of battle - Hero5 HP at the end of battle)) / Total Hero HP at the start of battle) x Current Available Point

I have seen my friend getting points few minutes after he got disconnected. Doesn’t disconnected battle result in the battle keep going until the timer run out? That is what I saw in the battlefield. From my experience in raid, when I got disconnected, the battle result will come out few more minutes as the timer run out.

I am asking it on AMA thread…

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This isn’t a disconnect issue. Here is an example:

I am fighting the battle, the opponent has two heroes remaining, I have 3 healthy heroes. The timer runs out - I get 0 points for the battle and all 5 heroes are revived, as if I never fought.

Same scenario - but if I FLEE before the timer runs out, I’ll get points for those heroes I’ve killed (19 points last time I fled) and only their two remaining heroes will still be alive.

I’m NOT saying I disagree with this “rule”. My comments are concerning the fact that other players are saying this scenario isn’t true in their experience. I want to know if this is a bug, or just not enough alliances have tested the timer vs flee battles.

Actually, there are two differents instances that I saw, none of it is my first hand experience, but I see in on the battlefield when my teammates attack.

The first isntances is when one of my teammates got disconnected but still got points few more minutes later as the battle timer run out as I have implored in previous post.

The second instances is another teammate having a very long fight, in the end, he got points, he killed four heroes but fail to kill the corner healer, I ask him what happened and he said he cannot kill the corner healer as his remaining heroes is healers thus the timer run out.
EDIT: I just ask this teammate and he confirmed it, he got few points after the timer run out.

Both instances happen this year. What about your experience, when was that happened?

Edit: it may have been late last year actually…two different alliance members. One had killed all but one of the enemies heroes.

Actually I wasn’t at all surprised, in a raid a tie goes to the defender. I just assumed they used the same logic here (though it makes a little less sense in the war case).

This is exactly why I created my mini account. It’s mostly been sitting out of action, but I’ll put it into a defunct alliance for this coming war and come back with what I find about points when timer runs out, and points if there’s a network disconnect. Heck, I’m a bit of a wanderer at the moment, and I should be able to test it with my main account as well.


@zephyr1 the answer is yes, you get points if your battle times out. While, i didn’t let it happen to myself, one of my team members went into battle and literally battled it out with a healer. They timed out and were still awarded points.
The closest i got was fleeing with 30 seconds left because i thought the team would revert to full heath and i would get 0 points.


That was my understanding from someone in our alliance too.


Indeed, tie always go to the defender. He said that after the timer run out, the word “DEFEAT” pop up in his screen, but he still got points. Afterall, in war, we can still get points even in defeat.

Please make sure that at least an enemy hero got killed before the timer run out. Thanks. :grin:

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