Do you get better war loot with more points?

It would be nice to know if this is the case.

Ty for the question. I am new to the game and was wondering the same thing also is the loot better in the province battles if all my heroes survive etc

Weve only found minor variations in our wars. Im not complaining about the poor loot until the matches are more fairly balanced. I hate to see an overly strong alliance gain great ascension items just for putting their tankie teams on the field and watching us pitifully throw softballs at them. I do believe the devs have a plan to increase the wars rewards as they go along. I’d still rather see alliance rewards, like filling a war chest since it takes a whole alliance to win.

No. War loot is not affected by points, only win/loss.

Province loot should also be not affected by pretty much anything we players can do(except of course choose what province we farm). Although there are theories that contradict my statement, you can search forums for them.


Loss loot is less. Win loot seems to be random. I’ve got an ascension item (once) in win loot, never in loss loot.

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Doesn’t seem to be affected that much by points just by win/lose. I’ve gotten 3 ascension items from 3 separate wins and 1 ascension items from a loss.

I’ve gotten a hidden blade in loss loot.

I got 1 ascension mat and have won most wars. Hahaha

Actually thinking about this question now, are you asking about individual points or the total amount of points the alliance scored?

Either case it does not matter. If you win with ally score 100 with you scoring 1 point you have/should have same chances as if you had won with 9k ally/1k individual points.

Only win/loss affects.

Ty all for the kind replies.
In province raids can I obtain two different ascension items? And which province if a yes…
Hidden blade/knife and warm cloak. I need several of each and soon lol
Or are they just titan gifts and specials?
I am new so I have many queries about the game.

Hidden blades and warm cloaks can’t be farmed. They are obtained from mystic visions, chest loot, titans and events. You can find chainmail shirts, scabbards, battle manuals and tall boots from province 12 onwards. They are the highest farmable ascension items.

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