Do you get better loot if you fill your monster chest with higher level monsters?

do you get better loot if you fill a monster chest with monsters from lvl20 rather than lvl 8?

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No, when doing fire chest, I often use 20-4 as there is no low level with full red monsters but I never get better rewards for that.

No, you do not. This is back to back ice chests done on different levels proven by me (at least to myself).

AFAIK, not for regular monster chests. And even if you did, loot is generally lame enough not to be worth the effort–If I start out with full WE, I can get 100 monsters easily farming the three-flag zone, and that’s what I’m going to do.

Elemental chests, apparently the answer is yes.

Since I won’t get enough elemental chests personally to collect valid data unless I play this game for the next 20 years, I’m just going to run with his suggestions; even if it doesn’t improve my loot, farming an extra half-day’s flags per elemental chest at a higher level isn’t going to hurt anything.

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I don’t buy it based on some back to back testing I have done since I tend to get two colors in a row for some reason. Such a small sample size to come to any conclusions (both mine and Eddards), so I don’t think we can conclude the answer is yes by any stretch.

There was a player that copied his account to the testing server with a 0/150 elemental chest and filled the chest on different levels. Both had the exact same loot so it seems loot is determined at chest spawn rather than completion.

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While I think @Eddard did a lot of work there, I’m not sure about the validity of his dataset. One may expect an unconscious preference to post good chests more consistently than bad/lacklustre chests. Also because several players were involved, that introduces extra variables that may have a possible influence.

And then there’s statistics and plausible explanation. Would it make sense? Personally, I don’t think it would make a lot of sense. If you’re going to push the player for better chests by increasing the reward based on the monsters defeated, then that is something you communicate. Because you want the player to play those chapter 23 levels because that’ll take consumables, for example.

Is the data of good quality? Can we explain the results of the statistics?

That makes sense. I’ve seen random chest loot coded that way in other games. I’m no coder but apparently that’s a coder’s way to do this. Don’t ask me why. It’s probably easier or works better or something.

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It’s important to note when these “data collections” took place. I did all of my data collection in between a single update and had a LOT of people contributing (95). However, the way loot is distributed has changed arguably the most out of any other aspect of the game so it is seemingly always in flux from one data set to the next.

As for your suggestion that loot is determined at chest spawn rather than when it’s opened, raid loot chest change dependent on tier. So if a chest spawns when you are platinum and then you open it in diamond then the loot changes. Who knows…

Doubting my data is poor form. It doesn’t make any sense for me to lie about a game on a forum. I have my reasons for not posting all of the data collected and unfortunately now most of it is gone but I would consider it irrelevant now due to the amount of updates from the time of collection and now.

I’m not doubting your data (though I’m not sure you were directing at me) - it’s valid data, just that I don’t subscribe that it makes your chest better based on my personal experiences. I still think this in not conclusive enough to state YES as the person did that I originally replied to.

Good point on timing of data collection, though.

Got trap tools from a platinum raid chest this morning.

I now have 9 sets, after max ascending rigard. Seriously need some hidden blades :frowning:

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