Do you check ENEMY troops before raid?


That sounds exhausting

I dislike raiding and war. I only do them for those crates.

I try to minimise engagement in such situations.

After awhile, it’s easier to gauge by eyeballing troops, emblems n hero card.


Never and not necessary. Even if they have all level 30 mana/magic troops, I will still attack them so I don’t bother checking. I just assume the worst case scenario (all mana/magic troops level 30).

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That works too. Assume all Fast or Very Fast.

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I always check troop levels. Helps me gauge who to bring, and how tough of a fight to expect. I’ll always revenge fight, regardless, but I might not do all three tries if the troops are very high, it’s non-stanrard formation, and certain heroes (Xman, Pengi with other minions, esp Krampus, etc). Sometimes I can get a crazy board and even win against those teams, but I don’t expect to. (My troops are currently only lvl 15-17.)

I always presume my enemy has lvl 30 mana troops, which is true most of the times, so I rarely bother checking. As a general marker, players lvl 70 up with a paywall heroes defense always have lvl 30 mana troops… unless they have lvl 30 magic troops.


I have level 29 mana troops… Before… When mine are only at 11 or 17, it made a difference so I’d check… But now… Not so much.

If its a rainbow team i dont bother …

Nope I typically face teams 4900 to 5100+ I just accept they are all high level and don’t worry about it. It’s not gonna change how I build my team, Id still be taking the same counters in my line-up


yes and no. generally, i assume everyone i raid against has level 23+ troops, and i’m also becoming more familiar with how emblems, LB, and troops kind of affect team power. so if i’m fighting +100 emblems at 4800ish with no LB, good bet that they’re level 30 troops, as an example.

i do often check troops before tournament raids at the 3* and 4* level. i’m always curious who, and by how much, levels lower level troops.

No I don’t, no I don’t nope

I do … put a poll on

Nope i run in like a headless chicken. Occasionally i get fried because of it