Do you check ENEMY troops before raid?

I almost never tap the question mark to see the enemy troop in raid. Do you guys check everytime so you’d make more inform choices during battle? Why can’t SGG put the troops on show in the raid menu?

Edit : added poll by demand

  • Check enemy RAID troop EVERYTIME
  • Check enemy RAID troop OCCASIONALLY
  • I never check, going in Leroy Jenkins style

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because it would be a QoL feature.

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To be 100% honest
I never bother checking the troops when I revenge raid

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Are we doomed then :frowning_face:

neither have I, I focus more on the heroes themselves.

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When I want to attack in mono, since not all of my units are at the same level, I match them with units that will give an advantage to the heroes I will use against critical heroes such as alfrike, ludwig, north mother.

Checking the troop for opponent, not your own but I guess it’s a given we set up the troop properly every raid if you change often

I do often when i go mono because the cpu always chooses them like it wants
Even for titans or tournaments/wars/events/maps

Edited my topic to reflect my question properly. Checking the enemy troop, not our own

20 characters. Of No.

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I always check troops, because it’s an integral part of the strategy I will try to implement in order to… Ugh, what’s the point in lying. No, I never do.


there is no tactic to improve against the opponent’s troop formation, so focus on your own heroes and troops

Yes, but only occasionally.
My team is still mainly 3 stars, so when I come across a 4 star team that’s lower than mine I will check their troops before I hit the re roll button.
Sometimes people will have 4 star heroes with 3 star troops, which is when I will raid.
Otherwise it’s re roll for me

Always. I need to gauge the activation speed.


I do check the troops whether I raid or revenge to understand what I am dealing with - viz : Hero power, charging speed & who to prioritise in what way.

More than mana troops, early days, the crit troops made my calculation wrong due to high defence & critical hit % !

Sometimes when I am filling the chest, the priority is to kill maximum and don’t care about points… so I skip those high troops during this !

While there is no MEDAL for checking or not checking… Being informed helps me play better & enjoy the process :smile: :wink:

It’s funny, I always check them typically after I get destroyed. In 90%+ of the cases those teams had at least level 29 troops. If I have a real problem with a team, it’s typically because of the troops.


You always tap the " ? " in the raid menu, study the enemy before you raid?

No, because I don’t reroll for raids ever, so there is no point in checking!


I check in wars, but never in raids… raids I am a bit lazy on offense and will fight it as long as it doesn’t have taunt then I’ll look at watch tower revenge options.

Yes. Always. To check troops.

If it’s mana 30/29, then I look at the heroes, emblem level.

If it’s 19/20, I take as +2/4% mana boost on top of 15%.

Then I check for mana boosters. If Xynolphod is tank there, it becomes 17/19% + 20% mana given =>

• Very Fast flanks = 5.55/5.46 less 20% = 4.44 / 4.3
That’s like max 3 turns grace.

That decides the attack team. Depending on who is left. Obviously for raids: there are more options.

If it’s critical troops, then I choose sturdier attack team : need to survive critical-laced slash attacks.

Better to be prepared than be caught in a tight situation.

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