Do Wu Kong and Mikki work in a defense setting?

Hello everybody,

ok, this is rather a noob question but I want your experience :smile:

I dont have so many leveled heroes and I am not really sure about my denfense team.

Atm I use a Grimm (4/70), Mikki (4/41), Margaret (4/70), Sabina (4/70) and Chao (4/70).

I think of replacing Chao with either Wu or Peters. My Wu is 4/70 but Peters is not yet ready, only 4/66.

Any suggestions or opinions?

Should I rather level Margaret instead of Peters and keep Chao in my team?

So many questions :roll_eyes: It is always the same: who is to level :wink:

Kind regards and thank u in advance for your replies.

Yours sincerely

post scriptum:
I hope this is not the wrong category - otherwise plz move my post :upside_down_face:

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Since Wu and Miki are the top titan slayers and titans drop the best loot, they are mandatory.

Both suck on defense, but they should be prioritized anyway.

This is what I was afraid of :roll_eyes:

You can’t stack their bonus together so anyway this is miki OR wukong. By the way if you have miki, wu has almost no more use for you.

Keep your def as is.


When you’ve spent scarce AM’s on a 5, you should definitely finish the job! Even if it’s an underwhelming 5.
And maxed 5’s will have more impact than maxed 4’s unless they’re completely unsuitable for the job.

I wouldn’t want to double up colours in defence unless it’s two flanks that are strong against the colour an attacker would stack for the tank…
In the case of two blues, this means flanking a green tank - but your Green is Margaret, who isn’t particularly sturdy by 5* standards… Or even by 4* standards, if we’re honest.

Peters is great, but on the flimsy side… I’m not sure if I’d use him on defence.

Wu is also flimsy and turns defence into a gamble - I wouldn’t use him there if there are better options available.

Chao is okay, not a personal favourite but maxed he’s perfectly serviceable.

Miki is sturdy, silence can be useful and he’ll boost slash (sometimes) but he’s also slow… Meh.

What other maxed 4* do you have on the bench?


Wu and miki can actually be good on defense on lower level raid where raid takes longer… i used to be afraid of seeing wu when i was raiding in plantium and i have limited bench

How many cups do you have on average? Maybe put 1 Aife on your def and set up a good def, if you have a maxed rainbow.

It works very well, since you’ll win allmost every attack and attackers often will reroll due to the small cup amount.

The key question to building your best defence is: what else do you have?


Surely you’ve got more maxed 4* than just what you mentioned if you’ve had AM to fully ascend two 5*??

There is the problem :rofl: I do have so many unleveled 4 :star:
Instead of Chao I work on Li Xiu to replace him. You already know my maxed 4 :star: (Sabina, Chao, Wu, Grimm)

I even have to 5 :star: unleveled (Domitia and Isarnia (very new) While Domitia is 3/45, Isarnia is negleted in favor of Mikki.

I am getting better focusing red tank opponents when I go for raids. Atm my cups are around 1900 till 2100.

My defense is also my offense on raids.

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Try Aife and fight your way back.
Was fun to so below 2K cups.
Huge win streaks :sunglasses:

I was lucky with ascension material if that is what u mean. Sorry, English is not my native tongue.
I had tonics and telescopes long before the heroes.

But you are right, I lack ascension material for green but for a long time I had no 4 :star: in green.

Thank U so far for your replies. :smiley:

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Leave the 5’s alone unless you have materials to max them… So leave Isarnia alone.
And unless you have tabards, dama blade and tome, stop wasting food hero’s on Domitia for now.

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Atm I focus on Rigard instead, but he came after her.

I think he mentioned he had the scope for blue 5s

As far as levelling priorities then…

Green: finish Margaret.
Blue: finish Miki
Yellow: finish Li (assuming you have orbs?)

Dark: Rigard is great but you have a maxed dark healer… Got any dark damage dealers in purple?

And which red are you working on?
Or what options do you have available?

For Miki definitely (already spent)

I have enough blades and traps atm. I am only short on one tabard for Domitia. So I can ascend Rigard as well as Domitia :smiley:

Nope :roll_eyes:

I hope for blades for Anzogh. Got enough Rings for him. Spent blades for Scarlett and Kelile long before.
Cannot ascend Colen due to lack of blades. I hope for Quests :wink:

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