Do we still get the Challenge Event with the spring one running?

And if there’s the Challenge Event - when will it start? I have enough gems and tokens for a few epic pulls and I’m tempted to use them now but if the Event is coming I’m gonna save them up :slight_smile:

Update, and be amazed :D.

if you mean the latest update from like 2 days ago, I already got it. I also see the Spring Event and the spring offers. Just wondering if we get the monthly Challenge Event (I think it’s supposed to be the Avalon one now according to the ongoing pattern?)

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Can you only choose once at the beginning if you want to do normal or advanced? Or can you do both?

You can do both :slight_smile:


Oh, sorry :smile:. I think the challenge event - if it comes - will be around the 10th of April? @Kerridoc mostly knows these things ;p.

The spring offers is only for 2 weeks so I assume this spring events will run in 2 weeks time? after spring finish, then avalon will start at the weekend?

I thought the monthly event starts on the second Thursday, that would make it April 12th. So after the Springvale is over.

Edit: By my counting, Springvale will end a day and a few hours before Avalon starts.


Dang it, I think I’m too impatient to wait till the 12th for my pulls :smiley:

Edit: Couldn’t resist and used a epic hero token I got with Spring offer and I pulled Boldtusk :heart_eyes: One hero to cross off of my Most Wanted list :slight_smile:


But you really should hold the others. Would you rather have King Arthur or Master Lepus?

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That’s why it’s gonna be a paaaaain to wait till the Challange Event. I used a epic hero token and got Boldtusk and I have 900 gems to use, I’m gonna save them for the Event Summon (so it’s Avalon as I thought?).

Should be Avalon if they keep things in sequence. Remember, blue reflective.

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I’m waiting impatiently for that event. I did use one epic hero token and got the 3 star rabbit. I’m not going to waste any more.

On a side note, which heros are worth getting for the avalon event?

@JoeStraz basically all Avalon heroes are great. Except Morgan Le Fay - she is a pain in the butt as a boss during the event but as a hero she’s a little meh.

I’m keeping my fingers crossed for getting Guinevere, I’d love one of those “heal over time” heroes.


Sounds like the HOTM next month will be another heal over time hero so you should have a decent chance :slight_smile:.

Thanks for the info. I’m definitely saving everything I get now.

The blue reflect is not a problem as I have only one fully leveled blue - Valen. But he keeps annoying the crap out of me lately and I don’t even use him right now. It’s gonna be satisfying to put him in the corner for the Event, probably gonna replace him with Nashgar.

I am told Merlin is handy for those healers hiding in the corner of defense teams, both raids and wars.

Oh, and titans.

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