Do we really need so many new Heroes?!?!?

Uh? I have two Valens (no costume) and he is just a defense down to target for 6 turns. Makes him great for newbies on titans; just add Brienne and Melia and you have a fully weaponised three star titan team.

Of course not! I wish people had more self control & knew the game is a lot more than having a fancy DEF team.

Having a huge collection is worthless since the mats are so rare you won’t be able to max many heroes anyway. Titan loot is basically junk even you build a expensive team and get a lot of A+. Wars and tournament are boards dependent. So. Hm.


Yes, it’s necessary to keep the tension going, especially for the veterans. But yeah, it’s going too fast.

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On the surface new heroes and new content sounds good. Obviously we don’t want the game to get stale.

There’s a few things that rub me the wrong way though. The massive amount of new content within a short time frame is mentally hard to keep up with. I frequently have to read hero descriptions during battle because I can’t memorize every hero and costume when I don’t have any of these heroes and there’s so many.

The balance of these heroes is off… Starting with the HOTMs from last year and then S3, a lot of the heroes were OP and even with the fixes it skewed the game. If you didn’t get those heroes you’re left out in the cold.

But also there’s a feeling of low effort here. Ninja hero art is really uncreative. Villains?.. Holy ■■■■, they took a rat npc and made it a hero. Like it doesn’t get much more low effort than to repurpose environment characters and sell them as new heroes.

Everytime they do this it reminds me that they’re not doing things that would really benefit the game. Like war match balance being utterly broken since probably conception. There’s so many quality of life features that would be pretty simple and yet would make the players so much happier. And yet they’d rather keep cranking out new heroes.


Base Valen and Ulmer reduce the enemy team’s defenses, but his costume doesn’t, only applies an attack buff: cValen to himself and cUlmer to the entire team.

If what you want to use against titans, sure, a certain combination could be made, but cValen would only give himself 54% attack and Ulmer might be too slow to give the entire team the same or similar effect. Might want cHawkmoon instead, who is average speed and probably better survivability for her attack buff.

I hope for a solution rather that, many heroes dont have role and are just sitting in a tavern ‘‘bench’’.

Thats why I propose idea of sending heroes to ambush or defend caravans, and you have to manage a bit your roster. This way, even weaker heroes have opportunity to be usefull :slight_smile:

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Well new hero’s are all the time welcome but all of us know what is the Odds to get them. I practically finish season 3 easy and hard with 1 team and in the team is always Miki. So I finished more or less with the help of Miki who actually never let them fire. I don’t have any Ninja heros and any Valhalla heros except Skadi but shes not above then Frig,Freys and ton of new hero’s recently announce. So actually who say the hotm are Meah then think again about because they are created a but stronger than usual heros

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Absolutely not. SG should slow down a bit and let people to catch up with S3.

Not only that. Every new challange event they add means that you have less chances to pull old challange heroes. Instead of having the chance of pulling Finley we will have another event and so on. Is it necessary to have so many heroes? Probably not.

In my opinion, it would have been better a time lapase between last province of Valhalla and the new heroes they added. So , i hope to not see S4 at least until last quarter this year. I like to enjoy a kind of safety. Lets say you pulled Thor, Odin, some good Valhalla heroes. So , you have time to enjoy them before ton of new content hits the door. You can still use the heroes but idk it feels weird.

And so, you will have now an overcrowed schedule. It sounds good for a player who is commited 100% to the game but not for a casual player. I feel overwhelmed.

And as i feel that way i decided to play less and less and its being more easy than i could think of. I miss the old times a little bit. 2019-early 2020 until some point i dont know where the game changed for good


What is sad is that most people don’t see the diminishing return. The new heroes for all the fuss only make you marginally better or more likely to win and yet some are willing to spend hundreds chasing them. Especially when you can find videos of vanilla heroes with a decent board destroying these thousand dollar teams. Once you have 50,60,70 fully ascended 5*, these new heroes are only small upgrades. To pull 30 or more times to get mostly feeders is unfortunate, and more heroes just dilute the pool even further to find the one hero you want, but the developer has found a winning formula to keep people chasing them.


I have neither costume but do have an Ulmer and two Valens. I prefer the defense down, just seems more rewarding but I have no stats on that. Ulmer? A lost cause imo except for 3* tourneys where all skills are fast.

Can’t play my Titans with 3 stars, they just get one hit instantly.

It’s been a while since I’ve had the experience of having to use my closest to best heroes on titans and learning that those titans are no joke. Definitely remember the titans practically instant-killing me.

Still managed to get free loot whenever we did take it down though, which was the only benefit of doing them, even with heroes that would die instantly if they got ONE hit.

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Why does a B and C grade give better loot or is that just my personal myth? :thinking:

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Idk. Mildly getting off-topic for this particular thread, but that is definitely a thing I wish wasn’t a thing… at least when you get up there in higher tier titans.

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Yes I agree completely. I’ve been playing since just after the game started and after 4 years I’m finally starting to tire of it. I can’t keep up with all the new heroes. It’s becoming impossible to work out how to deploy my corps of mainly first generation heroes against them as I haven’t a clue who most of them are or what they do. I’m not prepared to spend ages researching before every raid - boring!!


Only one player can get A+ score, and then players who do second to fifth best damage on the titan are A score IIRC.

There are many more players with B and C score. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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I looove that part. Wanting all the heroes is what is killing people’s wallet and making Zynga happy. Just stick with what you have and have fun. You can’t have everything in life? Why chasing every single hero in a game?


It’s annoying. Blue is already the best option for rare events. We needed some attack and defense-down in yellow and purple too…

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Yes, we need a 4* dark elemental defence down. Preferably from S4. :rofl:

That is a new hero, which could benefit all players. :sweat_smile:

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That would be kind of cool, my purples don’t give many options and the only 4 star + attackers are Tibsy and Sartana.

EDIT: My Vanilla team anyway.

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