Do we really need so many new Heroes?!?!?

We just finished season 3 (I guess Thor was the last hero?!), Ninjas are only a few months old and last week we got introduced to the villains… and yet in this forum I can read informations about the new Season4, new Costumes and so on…

Is this necessary?
We don’t even get the time to get used to a new hero, that it has already become old.
The game is supposed to be fun, not to become a second job…

Or did I miss anything?
Ok I know that people in the past were unhappy, because there weren’t enough new inputs, (season 3 came late, we waited so long for the academy, and so on…) but this last months were just ridiculous!
New Halloween, Ninjas, new Christmas, all the latest Season3 heroes, villains, new customers…

Anybody else thinking the same?


For the suits to continue padding their pockets, yes. Otherwise, no.


You are correct.

The best response players can do is firmly shut their wallets.


LOL I need them, I will just never have them.


From keeping business running with decent profit aspect this move is yes, especially they intentionally made some of the new heroes overpower to lure player who already has many great old heroes to spend money on hero summoning again.

This stratgry is quite common in on-line game industry, but SG aggressively on that way.

And once you get new hero means you may also looking for 4* AMs and resources for leveling, this is another income boosting when some players buy AM or leveling offers. That’s why there is no hero ascension reset token to let player to get back used 4* AMs.


It’s not SG per se. it’s Zynga who bought out this game from the original developer, SG, who still retains the licence for this format of RPG games, and who continues to sell rights to copycat this game, to many, many other indie developers. Zynga just wants to recoup their investment capital back ASAP. Hence the very aggressive monetizing.

The competition for this format is stiff.


Thanks for describing that, that’s why there are many similar game on market.

Just like mining, a 25% (min) internal rate of annual return on investment.

The thing is, it changed all of a sudden and it’s hard to keep up.
Also it is sad that the HotM stopped to be something special, after the big Telli-Vela drama and it is rare to find some of the last 5-6 HotM in raids, while at 4,7k level so many people have Ninjas, Krampus, Frig and Wodin…

But well, I’m not here only to complain.
Does anybody know, how fast the new heroes will come? When is the 4th season supposed to come… is it truely by June 2021?


I’m looking forward to the new heroes and costumes quite honestly, bring them on.

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I cant be bothered with finishing Atlantis EASY even. I don’t want to spend 15 minutes slugging away at ~30 parrots or moths. Sends me nuts. Rewards are worth exactly how much change you wouldn’t bend over to pick up.

As for Valhalla, forget it.


You sure about that as staff were pretty upset when the first absolute clone showed up in the App store? You can track down the thread.

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If they are that upset, then they should do a better job of keeping this game running smoothly, and perhaps retaining more players, rather than lose some to these copycats.


I don’t think there is a competition with Empires and Puzzles. Those so-called competitions are boring imitations which edges a bit over E&P for the simple reason that they have “better” RNG and way too cheaper. But their player base is too small that sooner or later, it will stop providing new features because of too little money coming in.

And they are not upset with the competition. But Zynga maybe as they may still have not recovered the money invested based on the ROI.


I agree, especially when it comes to the MULTITUDES of 5* heroes in literally EVERYTHING in this game. I don’t even think the 3* tier of heroes barely has much diversity in terms of play styles or even having a smaller scale of certain things that all those 5* heroes got. (within reason at least, like how An-Windr has Gullibursti’s rage burst and Grevle has Gullibursti’s boosted max HP) I’d even accept getting a couple more 4* heroes here and there. And excluding the usual stuff about how those that dump enough to get the particular ones and lucky chance draws, the 5* roster has ENOUGH.

But I definitely agree that the game doesn’t need so many heroes from so many events going on in this quick release. Honestly, if they can work this fast, are S1 heroes getting second costumes? They don’t add a second bonus but they practically make me entirely different heroes in the same vein as them deciding Wu Kong NEEDED to be an Easter hero at average speed for no real reason, Colen and Nashgar receive only minor changes, Kailani, despite having her share link buff still, doesn’t have anything that would benefit from that (unless the share link somehow affects her +50% attack buff), Obakan becomes a 5* Cyprian who deals damage first, and I still question the choice of giving both Valen and Ulmer attack buffs (Valen to himself too, though I guess that could be like how Namahage buffs himself with a berserk buff).

Season 4 was the only thing, out of all these changes and upcoming content additions, I was to expect, but the way they’re going about it, I think some of us are gonna end up tired of it before it even releases, not to mention all the “100 for 1 feeder” requirements for events that don’t even NEED such a high requirement for those specific heroes. (Ninjas at least needs to be halved to 50)


It’s debatable at some point. The common answer would be that no, it’s not necessary and we don’t need so many heroes. We can have a decent status with just a group of them and have fun.

However, new heroes come along with new variations to the gameplay, with their special skills, elemental link or even their passive skills. Sure thing is that you don’t need 6 heroes to implement one new special variation, but it brings diversity. Do you need all the new Ninjas with their charge skill feature? No, but also it would be boring to only bring one hero with that feature and everyone will get THAT one.

We don’t need to have all heroes. We need to have a good diversity of them so the gameplay is more versatile, and therefore, fun.

Also, for Zynga/SG is good to have a many heroes as possible. The big whales will always push to have ALL heroes, because they can spend on that. And that’s a benefit for Zynga/SG.

At the end, I see it as a win/win for everyone. Of course, it gets frustrating for F2P (I know that) because you’re trying to get good heroes and better ones appear every month. But hey, if you really plan to be a TOP player, you cannot be F2P. Or, if you’re a F2P player, you can’t plan to be a TOP player. But that doesn’t mean you cannot have fun.


More 5*? No. Since many players will not get it anyway… If its 3* or 4* then why not? I mean on every challenge events there are only one 3* and two 4*, But they have five 5*. It will be great if they add those 3* and 4* to make five heroes each.


All people playing this game are not playing the same game.

These new heroes, overpowered heroes are not in the game of most players.

Like we live in the same world, but our worlds are different.


Uh? I have two Valens (no costume) and he is just a defense down to target for 6 turns. Makes him great for newbies on titans; just add Brienne and Melia and you have a fully weaponised three star titan team.

Of course not! I wish people had more self control & knew the game is a lot more than having a fancy DEF team.

Having a huge collection is worthless since the mats are so rare you won’t be able to max many heroes anyway. Titan loot is basically junk even you build a expensive team and get a lot of A+. Wars and tournament are boards dependent. So. Hm.