Do we need 1* heroes and 1* troops?

Do we really need 1* heroes and 1* troops?

For those that have played longer than 5 minutes (approximately :sweat_smile:) , 1* will usually never be needed in battle anymore. The occasional 1* troop can still be used relatively early on when stacking a few heroes of the same color, if there’s not enough 2* or better troops. It won’t be too long before that will also no longer be needed.

But suppose the decision was made one day to simply remove 1* heroes and troops from the game, the “economy” of feeding heroes/troops would be turned on its head. I can’t even exactly imagine what the impact would be, but a lot of things would change in some way. What about TC and HA levels producing 1* heroes/troops? What would the replacement be for 1*'s coming out of daily summons, or farming levels/quests? I think this is the real reason we should probably not expect 1* to ever go away.

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Yes 100% for feeders


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